persephone33: (writer schizophrenia)
( Aug. 10th, 2011 04:34 pm)
Except I don't do tequila (Tequilq free since '93!), but daquiriville sounds a little bizarre.


I'm at the beach, updating on an iPad, which is the most trying part of my vacation thus far.

Here's some things I've noticed:

-Dolphins are EVERYwhere down here. People decorate with the foul things. Ugh.
-Vacations elicit more activity than being home does. Swimming, biking, walking on the beach... All good.
-Sandcastles are serious business. Don't be fooled into thinking otherwise.
-The Hunger Games trilogy can be read in 36 hours, if you've nothing else pressing on your time. I loved it, apart from the first person-present tense-fragmented sentences nightmare. And who is Suzanne Collins? Real or not real? The fact that it's marketed as a children's book horrified me, a little. Thoughts?

That's it. I have to go make myself presentable for dinner out, and finish a glass of wine. Life is trying, here in paradise.


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