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( Oct. 25th, 2011 04:59 pm)
...That's not to be confused with a blog about cornucopias, which would just be boring.

A cute kid story, one of my neuroses, a Victorian costume slideshow and a callback, all wrapped up in one tight little blog. )
Whenever I finish a big project, like the show we just struck yesterday, my body decides that it has a bit of time to not be in top form, and oftentimes decides to shut down.

I wish to tell my immune system in a very stern voice: Now is not that time. I'm jumping into the next project (Victorian costumes!), have to build at least three sets of Victorian undergarments and various and sundry other costume-y type stuff, will spend the next two weekends out of town for a marriage retreat and my 20 year reunion, respectively, I have to make my children's Halloween costumes, finish a quilt for a baby who is nearly two months old, finish promised projects to other extended family members and take care of my family and home on top of it all.

I. Do not. Have time. To be ill.

Also, I have a touch of insomnia tonight. Fun times! So, I did the laundry from the show - extracting tattoo cover makeup from nylon/poly blend isn't as easy as one might think - and read the next play for which I want to audition, had a bath and am now sipping hot milk in an effort to get sleepy.

The play I read is funny. I love plays. That isn't to say that I don't love musicals. I do. But there's something about a play; reading a character aloud and finding the right accent, imagining the scene onstage, plotting out the comedic timing. I love it. It's as comforting as putting on a fluffy robe and curling up on the couch to watch a movie. In this particular play, that character I'd want to play is actually three different characters and have German, Scottish and English accents respectively. A dream for an actress. How much FUN would that be?

Anyway, it's a long shot. One female character, a billion girls who'll show up to audition, yet I'm ever hopeful.

The musical that we just put to bed was a good experience. It was a LOT of work. But I'm glad that I did it, and I'm happy that so many people enjoyed our efforts. It's gratifying, to put art out there and have it be recognized. And once I get the laundry done and the costumes back from the cleaners and put them all away, it'll really be finished.

You see why I don't have time to be sick?
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( Mar. 8th, 2011 07:27 am)
First of all, despite my training as a serious actress (*snort*) and the fact that I adore costume drama and Hamlet and all things Broadway, I want to go see this movie pretty badly.

Various and sundry informational updates... )

And I think that's all of today's news. Have a good Tuesday, y'all.
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( Jul. 27th, 2010 06:05 pm)
It's fine line, I walk, being an actress over thirty. The day of auditions is spent trying to harness restless energy into something positive, pretending like any outcome of the day is fine, when it really isn't. Any outcome but the one I desire will have me second-guessing myself, my worth, my attractiveness, and my talent.

The day is spent exercising my seriously underused singing voice, praying that I don't forget the words like an idiot when I'm alone in the metaphorical spotlight. Clothes are tried on, discarded, the same outfit goes on and comes off again, several dresses don't make the cut and I end up wearing the very first thing I put on. I paint my face, coif my hair, put on a pair of the highest heels I have and hold my breath.

In an audition, you have to go in pretending like you own the damn room. And I will. I do. My song is fun and flirty, and I walk the line of camp precariously, but since South Pacific is the show I'm auditioning for, it'll work. I have on my lucky underwear (featured last at the US post office) and a big smile.

I'm even bringing a friend who's a MUCH better singer than I am, because I want to introduce her to the theatre. I think it would be a place for her to call home. The selfish part of me wants to kick myself for inviting her, that's one more person I'll have to beat out, but in the end, I know that it's all in God's hands, anyway. He has a plan, and His is the right one.

I doesn't help my queasiness, though. Or lessen my desire for a role.

So I just pretend like it doesn't matter. Because it doesn't.

Only it really, really, really does.

ETA: My shirt has a hole in it and my hair isn't behaving. Damn, damn and triple damn!
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( Apr. 24th, 2010 12:59 pm)
Lazy Saturdays. I adore them.

I have two auditions next week. It'd be great if I got some acting work. Send me good thoughts, please.

I leave you to your afternoon with some rather large pictures of flowers I took when we were in south Texas.

Couldn't be bothered to resize them. Besides, these are best viewed in humungo size. )
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( Mar. 8th, 2010 12:16 pm)
I've been banging away at my [ profile] dgficexchange story this morning. I've got about 5,000 words and only just hit the first plot point.

*sigh* I'm glad there's a word cap this go round. It helps keep things narrowed down so that I don't go down rabbit trails. Or plot bunny trails as the case may be. *har dee har har*

I'm having a crisis of decision: I really want to audition for Grease. It's hands down one of my favorite musicals, and although I'm tired already, it surely would be cool to end the season the same way I began it. With a musical. I've got a song ready and everything, Gershwin's "Someone Who'll Watch over Me." I &hearts that song. It makes me all romantic and squishy.

But there's a girl's trip with Mom & Emily that I want to go on in mid-April, and a Train concert we've been invited to late March.

Plus the aforementioned exchange and everything else in my life that needs doing. It's completely feasable, and Nolan has been supportive of whatever I want to do.

So, yeah. I'm selfish, but I really want to take the chance of being gone for another two months. On the other hand, I might be too old and not get cast. It happens. Though the rumor is the director is going older....

So, yeah. Thoughts?

And anyone willing to beta read my story for the exchange? For typos, plot continuity and Briticisms? Pretty please?
Lord have mercy on our souls.

So I didn't get a callback after my audition on Sunday evening, but I guess they saw all they needed to see.  I got cast as one of "Miss Mona's girls," which, roughly translated, means I'll be one of the whores.  To quote a line from the show, "Yee haw."  How on EARTH am I going to explain what a 'whore' is to Ethan and Aaron?  One of my friends suggested letting them watch the movie and figure it out for themselves.


Anyway, it's a great big YAY.  After I registered the kids for school, dropped them at a friend's house, went to a Dr. appointment, worked with numbers all day at Nolan's business, I needed a little good news.

The music is very fun.  The dancing makes me nail bitey, only because I'm going to be gone all next week when they're teaching all the combinations.  Eeek!  But the beach=fun and I've not been on a proper vacation in a long time.  So no guilt.

My favorite line  so far?  "No whips or rough stuff.  This ain't the Marine Corps!  No three or more to a bed.  This ain't the circus!  And no kissing on the mouth.  This ain't the junior prom!"

MAN, I love the theatre.

It appears That five days later, our house has been purged of the creeping crud that's plagued us.

*knock wood, sofa, head, laptop, and anything else within knocking distance*

I'm creeping around, having only had Gatorade (not even GOOD Gatorade, but the yucky original yellow crap) for the last 48 hours, and I'm feeling nearly human again.  A hallelujah chorus of 'woot' all around.

The only, and I do mean ONLY good thing about taking the medicine I did, is that it causes hallucinatory dreams the likes of which you only get from LSD. Not that I've ever tried LSD, Mom, because I haven't.  I wig out at too much Advil.  I'm guessing about the LSD related dreams that Hollywood creates?  Okay?  I'm a good girl.  Swear.  With one two three a couple of exceptions. :D  Speaking of, I should probably look at what I wrote while I was high.  It could be scary stuff.

I digress.  I had good dreams.  I had the sort of dreams that you wake up from, have a sip of Gatorade, nod when it appears that it likes its new home in your tummy, and go back to sleep, and the dream picks up right where it left off.

The leading man in my dreams?  Mr. John Krasinski. (Go ahead and give up another chorus of 'woot,' Office fans)

And we were in college; we both lived in my hometown of Irving, Texas (convenient!) and we both lived with our parents.  So it was like having dreams about my high school boyfriend, only taller, scruffier and  a touch racier.  We sneaked out to spend the night with each other - I never did that, either, Mom -  (only cuddling, of course) went to dances together, drove around and talked for hours, and our parents seemed unbothered by it, for the large part.  And he let me use his toothbrush.

It was all terribly romantic. 

*looks at previous part of typed post* 

Okay, maybe I'm not telling it right, but it WAS.  Hey, I'm still in post flu-like stupor.  Cut me a break.  :) 

In totally unrelated news, there are auditions tonight and tomorrow for The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, for which I'd love to be in the chorus.  FUN show.  Wish me luck.
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( Jan. 22nd, 2009 01:34 pm)
I got a part. The part.

Nolan didn't. *sadface*

However, he's okay with it, and now we won't have the babysitting nightmare that it would be if we'd both been cast.

The actual ensemble, though? Looks to be GREAT. Really, really, REALLY fantastic. The kids, the other adults... I'm terribly pleased. It's gonna be FUN.
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( Jan. 19th, 2009 10:46 pm)
Went to an audition tonight for Over the Tavern, a family comedy set in Buffalo, NY.

Took Nolan. 

We auditioned for a married couple.

Nolan=West Texas accent.  We tried all afternoon not to make his "I's" so broad.  Varying degrees of success.

Fingers crossed, everybody.

Will work on getting those prizes out this week, haiku people!

So, for the first time in over a year, I went to an audition for a play.

It's a funny script, for a play called The Clean House, by Sarah Ruhl. It's about a Portuguese maid, a comedienne in her own country who comes to America as a housekeeper and gets depressed when she cleans. (Short version.) And I got read several times for the uptight doctor/employer of said maid. It's a funny part, one I really like and I think I read well, despite the director announcing that he'd like to go with a cast in their 50's and 60's.

Okay, then why did the call have ages 35-60? Huh? Riddle me that, Batman!

Then when it's all over, the director calls me over and says, "Carrie, why don't you come back tomorrow and read for the maid."

Wha huh?

If you said, "Carrie, go look more Irish," I couldn't. Auburn hair, pale skin, freckles.

I do not look Portuguese. Not even a little. Not even if I dyed my hair (which, incidentally, I do not want to do).

I don't think I have a shot at either role. I'm too young (!?) for the doctor and too Caucasian for the maid.I think what he wants me to do is read the joke monologue the way I think it should be done, so that the other younger, Latina looking girls will know how to interp. Which makes me growly, sort of. And feel a little used.

Ah, well. At least I got a callback.
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( Jul. 31st, 2007 02:28 pm)
Twenty-four hours and $162 later, my computer is back and better than ever. (You didn't even have time to miss me, did you?)  It's so FAST!    My personal settings are gone, like the Gmail notifier and the Google taskbar, but I'll live.  I have a new firewall, and 'Spybot - Search and Destroy', which makes me feel all powerful.  I had several viruses and massive amounts of spyware.  Where does all that crap come from?

I did get called back for last night, but I'm not holding my breath.  Twenty plus additional people were there, and I did NOT sing as well as they did.  But, I'm not a singer.  Never claimed to be... and I'm okay with that.  I did sweep the cold readings, if I do say so myself, but they were looking for solid vocal talent, and that ain't me.  I may costume the show instead and get paid lots, LOTS more.  :)  Thanks for all the good thoughts and support, sweet f-list.  I really do appreciate it!
I feel like death on a cracker.

I have a headache and muscle aches and I'm sore and CRANKY and capslocky.

The family left to go to church and I couldn't get up to go, even though I was supposed to sit at the preschool table (nightmare) and man the Mission 2540 table after.  God understands, but will the people I've let down?  Right now, I feel to crappy to care overmuch.

My voice is scratchy and deeper than normal, which is conducive to neither auditioning (tomorrow) or finishing August's podcast, due (bad words) Tuesday.  Well, the site's down until the 3rd, so maybe I have that long?  No one wants to hear this...  if my Draco voice was deep before, now it's positively masculine.  *headdesk*  Ow.

Short cute kid story.  I went last night to see Antigone.  I took the boys (it was a high school theatre camp show, so I knew it wouldn't be very long or have copious amounts of blood) and about halfway through, Aaron leans over to me and says, "Someone's going to DIE."

Indeed.  And here I thought they wouldn't 'get' or appreciate tragedy.  If you think I've scarred my children for life, fear not.  The encore (while the cast was still in their togas and masks, mind) was a dance choreographed "Fosse style" to Bye Bye Blackbird.  Yes, it was just as funny as it sounds.  I'll now be disapponted with any production of Antigone that doesn't include jazz hands.
  • Minutes spent stressing out that I can't sing and therefore shouldn't bother auditioning - 4, 879
  • First time I saw Into the Woods with Bernadette Peters - 1991
  • Years of wanting to play 'Little Red Riding Hood' - 16
  • Audition songs that don't go outside of my range - 2 (If you count Happy Birthday...which I don't.)
  • Minutes rehearsing said song in front of the mirror at home - 8, 453, 622
  • Pounds to lose before Monday - 25 (HA!)
  • Hours spent tearing up my closet to find something that is appropriate - 3.5
  • Outfits tried on and thrown away in disgust - 12
  • Minutes lamenting the 10 lbs. I've gained over the summer - 697
  • Hours on the phone with Janice (who played the witch 12 years ago) to make sure I could do this  - 1.5
  • Emails to Jeffzilla (who wants to play Jack) - 1
  • Days left until audition - 6

Edit:  Here's the song.  Apologies to Irving Berlin.

I've really only wanted a part this badly ONCE before.  It did not go well, as I still have not played Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  Good thoughts, huh, f-list?  I'm not usually needy, but the good vibes will go a LOOOOONG way.



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