LJ ate two posts yesterday.  Two LONG ones.  That brasses me off on a level previously only held by people who pull out in front of me in heavy traffic.

Anyway.  I thought Monday sucked out loud.  I can say that now, having perspective, and I know unequivocally and beyond a shadow of a doubt that yes, indeed, Monday did suck.

I got a raging headache from eating things I know that I shoudn't.  NO MORE DEVIATIONS.  NO sugar.  I don't care if people say I'm weird or not.  'Eff 'em and feed 'em fish heads,' my sweetly eloquent husband says.

BIL's father died.  He was a sweet man.  We're going to Denver on Sunday for the funeral.  It's a 16 hour drive round trip, or $1600 in airfare.  We drive.  Be back Tuesday.

And when did I get to the age that I go to more funerals than weddings?  Seriously.  I take it back.  I WANT to buy blenders and sit through wooden readings of 1 Cornthians 13.  Please.  

My week has been consumed with trying to sell this house or making decisions on the other one.  I swear if the flooring lady calls ONE MORE TIME, I will end her.  She's old, too.  I could totally take her.  BAM.  Just a clothesline and an elbow drop, and she's done.  (I'm kidding.  Sorta.  Mostly.)

I made videos of the interior rooms of the old house, more for me and the boys than for anyone else, but if I get ambitious, I might post them.  Gotta keep the stalkers happy.  *waves at the stalkers*

Playwrighting.  Arriving late and leaving early and not contibuting while you're there is not going to get a play written.  (It's a fabulous premise this semester, but I'm not writing it.  Completely fabulous, and could be flipping hysterical...  Still not writing it.  There was some action on Google docs yesterday, so that's encouraging.)

Caliga.  Still adore Caliga.  Still.  Though, Pansy's getting so very tired of being a captive.  I think she's going to make her move soon.  I hope she lives.  She wants to play with the new vampire friend!  And hug on Cormac.  What a sweetheart.  He doesn't even know it, which is, I think, the best part.  Lots of scenes going on right now.  Super fun.  *Huggles the people*

As for Michael, his life is so sweet and perfect that I find myself JEALOUS OF MY OWN FICTIONAL CHARACTER.  

Clearly, I need therapy.  Will I go?  No, for I am too busy freaking out about picking out cabinet pulls for the house.  Somebody shoot me, please.  Or maybe just come to Amarillo and help.  I'll buy you lunch and keep you entertained while you're here.

I was supposed to meet with Steph today.  It snowed three inches last night.  I hate driving on snow. (Celeste, Jessica, Mallory and Vicky can call me a wimp.  I'm not an excellent driver when there's NO white stuff all over.)  It was 65 earlier this week and now it's freezing.  That always makes my body freak out. Pick a temperature, y'all.  Either one.  I'm fine with either.

Gotta get the munchkins up for school.  Darn it.  I have a cute kid story, too.  Maybe later.

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( Jan. 25th, 2008 01:45 pm)
 I find people watching fascinating.

Odd, because I don't like people, on the whole.

I've been sitting in the lobby of a large hotel in downtown Austin, TX, sucking the free wireless signal, drinking coffee and watching the comings and goings of the people in the place.  How different would they act, I wonder, if they knew someone was watching?

The concierge is charming and handsome, clever and helpful; he makes the women laugh and even charms some of the men (It's Austin) and consistenly rolls his eyes behind all of their backs.

There is a woman who waited for a man for about 45 minutes; when he finally came to meet her, he stayed for 2 minutes and left abruptly.  Her body language went from attentive and alert to sad and dejected.  I wonder what he said to her.  She left, face crumpled, a few minutes later.

There are the conventioneers, loud and boisterous, most of whom obviously think the world revolves around them.

Little old ladies here to lunch, businessmen here to work, a few couples obviously here for some afternoon delight, and they all have a purpose.  It's fun to imagine thier little scenarios.  There's a play in this, I feel sure.  *thinks about dramatic structure outline*

It's been a fun morning. Aidan (the laptop- that name one by a nose) has lured a few people over with his indefinable charm, and I even got asked out once, probably due to the fact that I take my wedding ring off when I type (I don't like the way it moves about on my finger).  I rectified that, and the cute boy ducked off, blushing, embarrassed.  He did leave about an hour later with another girl, I was amused to note.

I've been working on some unfinished stories, some Caliga (Poor Pansy! I can't believe what I've done to the girl), and I even dusted off my book and edited  the first chapter-again- half-heartedly.  :)  A good morning, all in all.

The four greatest phrases heard in my playwrighting class (who are big lurking lurkers who lurk, Jake)  yesterday:

*  "Lucky charms were created by hobos; that's why they smell like weed."

*  "You can find naked people everywhere!"

*  "Become a lesbian nun."

*  "Foxtrot for Jesus!"

*sigh*  There was a lot of laughing and not much writing that went on yesterday.  Thank God for Google docs.   *glares at students*

Icon meme )
 I can tell the hormonal surge for the month has abated somewhat.  You know how I know?  Because I was able to resist the siren call of the tire iron begging me to beat down the idiot mother drivers in the boys' school parking lot this morning.  I told that silly tire iron, "No, you'll just have to catch me earlier next month," and gave it a blithe smile and a pat.  In addition, today I was able to smile and say hello to the shirtless, well-muscled, but Probably Gay Neighbor taking his dog for a run, instead of snarling.  (Why do I think he's gay?  He's way too pretty, his workout shoes match his shorts, no girl is ever with him, and his dog is a Pekinese.  It's just a feeling I get.)

Then there's the October podcast.  I'm trying to put music into it, and as most of you know, I am woefully deficient in the technical arena.  And by woefully deficient, I mean CRAP.  So, I'm working on it.  I have recorded three of the four fics, and I have only the 21 page monster left, as well as the editing.  *rolls eyes*  The editing.  *shivers*  My itunes freaked out yesterday and I spent most of the morning trying not to lose the kagillion songs I have on it.  The up side?  I fixed it (wonder of wonders) and now have Lil' Red Riding Hood by Sam the Sham and The Pharohs.  I really do like that song.  It's a classic, and it's perfect for the fic I recorded.  It's actually part of the fic I recorded. (Little Red Riding Hood by StrangerWithMy Face) Anyway.

Playwrighting went well last night.  It appears as if we have a premise.  We'll finish the plot outline and cast of characters next week, hopefully, and then begin some actual dialogue.  Thank God.  [profile] caliga_rpg is all kinds of fun so far...  lots of ideas, lots of scening possibilities.  All I need is time, right?  Riiiiight. The fun starts October first, y'all.  Come and play.  There's [profile] caliga_fanif you want to comment and squee with the rest of us after the posts start.  Put it on your f-list.  You know you want to.

The boys had their first date last Friday night.  [profile] alittleredhoodtook them to the Amarillo High homecoming game. They had a blast. (She was actually babysitting on a night she had something else to do, so I owe her.)

Aaaand I've watched the first two seasons of Veronica Mars.  (I love Logan.  I can't help it.  It's the bad boy project 'fixer' in me.)  The 3rd comes out on DVD in late October, and I'm going to die before I get to see it.  Why was it cancelled?  Why do I watch cancelled TV series and torture myself?  First Dead Like Me & Firefly, now this.  

Okay.  That's all the news that's fit to type.  Have a lovely day, all.
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( Jul. 13th, 2007 08:19 am)
Yesterday I had a meeting with the powers that be about the ALT Academy, where I teach.  I think it's going to be a good thing...  it turns out that not only will I be teaching Acting 3 & 4, as well as Playwrighting (they had actually misspelled 'playwrighting' on the class list that went out to everyone :P), but I will also be doing guest spots several times in Junior and Senior companies.  That makes me very happy.  I'm thinking that they have it all straightened out, now; all of the teachers are actually teaching in their comfort zones, and no one that isn't comfortable with teenagers will be trying to teach the high school students.  That got frustrating last year, hearing the students complain about teachers and not being able to do anything about it.  But it's all better, now, hopefully.

Now I must go purchase vast amounts of food and booze for the company picnic.  Which means I have to go to....


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( Jul. 5th, 2007 04:45 pm)
After spending last night and most of today having a weird reaction to a wasp sting (Where my back becomes my behind - FIVE TIMES!) I feel much better.  Stupid wasps.  Have no decency, flying up unsuspecting girl's skirts...

Some information I know at least three of you care about:  I'll be teaching Theatre 3, Theatre 4 and Playwrighting in the fall...  and guest teaching here and there in Junior and Senior Companies.  So....  yeah.  Not exactly perfect, but close enough.  I'm pleased.

We're leaving in a few minutes to meet my mother and her husband at the cabin for the weekend.  Should be a good time. Do hope I get some writing done!
...because really, it was.   The women I was nominated with all ROCKED, and the woman that did win played my mother in Steel Magnolias; she actually even looks a little like my mom.  To put it in her words when I hugged her after,

"Oh, Carrie, you just can't top a 20 minute monologue at the end of the show."

Yup.  A truer word was never spoken.  Soooooo...  I ate, drank, had hubs as arm candy, and I did win an award.  The staff of the theatre gives out "SALT" awards...  like jokes; but they're fun, everyone really likes them.  I got one for The Lonesome West (see all of March & April for my bitching and whining about that).  It's a black comedy set in Ireland with A LOT OF SWEARING.  It's a seriously funny script.  I was Asst. Director, and I had to read in lines for the actors that were missing (along with 4,563 other various duties).  There were only four characters in that show, so no one was absent much.  The first time they were I started reading, and had to stop half way through the line the language was so bad.  It had a hard time coming out of my mouth. (It's different when you're home alone and stub your toe, or are really mad - then they just roll right off ;)).  But by the end of the run, I could do it - no problem.  Anyhoo, they were proud that they'd corrupted me; I got the "Pardon my French" SALT award.  It was funny.

Maybe you had to be there.

Or have slammed back had three some  a few cocktails.

The Artistic Director of the theatre wants to set up a meeting for me to teach more classes.  (Heidi's leaving - how 'bout that for an inside scoop Carlee (if you'd ever comment I'd remember your damn username) & [profile] alittleredhood ?)  Maybe I'll get theatre 3 & 4 back?  Or better yet, Junior and Senior company?  That would be awesome.  I miss teaching acting.  

So all in all, a good evening.  Not the icing, but definitely the cake.  *wink*

So fandom is going well, the ficexchange story has been through beta #1 and survived, and I finished recording the FIA June Podcast (angst fest of [DOOM]) and was even able to convert it to an mp3, with the help of [personal profile] mynuet.  Yay for people that undertand computers.  *thumps harddrive*  I'm listening to it now, to make sure it doesn't stink.

It's the last week of school, which means a lot of random strange stuff is going on, awards assemblies, last day parties, and the play my class wrote last year, Ambrosia, Peanut Butter, Kool-Aid and Enchiladas, a Story of the Teenaged Gods of Ancient Greece, is being performed tomorrow night, so YAY.  LOVE seeing my work onstage.  Love it.

Last day of Playwrighting is tonight, and as we are finished with both plays, we're meeting at a coffee shop and discussing next years prospects.  Good times.

My eldest turns 7 on Friday.  Gah.  Am old.  (But I was a child bride.)

We are *da da dummmm* going to my husband's family's reunion on Thursday evening; where the women are snarky, there's more meat than you can shake a stick at, and croquet is a bloodsport.  The boys and I will be at the pool, if anyone calls.  My sweet friend Jason is house sitting for us and feeding Katie Bell, who hurt her foot yesterday chasing behind the boys' go-kart.  The dog does NOT know when to say when.


So my last playwrighting class is next monday and  it has been such a productive year!  We wrote TWO plays, one that's about 30 pages with a story arc and a plot that took us till from September 'til the end of March, and then a 10 pager that I absolutely adore:  Superhero Therapy.  The class did a read-thru last night for the completed project and we laughed hard.  ALL of us.  It's so fun, I'm gonna post it, so you all can share in the goodness.  I'm not even going to post the character list.  It'll make perfect sense without it, I hope.  

The following is owned by the Amarillo Little Theatre and the script may not be reproduced without express permission.  Don't steal it!  We hardly worked worked really hard on this!  Cyd, Jake, Carlee, Sara, Amber & Carrie would love to hear what you think!

And gas prices are $3.25 a gallon.  For crying out loud, why not just hold a gun to our heads?
First of all...  I woke up today to NO COFFEE.  None.  Not 'my husband hadn't made any yet', but NONE ANYWHERE IN THE HOUSE.  The good news is, I don't think it can get any worse, so this is the crappiest I will feel all day, hopefully.

Oklahoma! )

The rest of the day is errands, luncheons, meetings and blech.  But at least I'll have coffee.
Netflix sent Oscar and Lucinda (1997) this weekend while we were gone.  Ironically, while we were visiting my mother she raved about how good this movie was and recommended it, and I already had it in my queue, as it turned out.  Anyway...  it's a fascinating character study, and the narration was interesting, rather like a documentary for the characters... or the commentary you get when you watch the special features of a DVD.  Not necessary, but helpful.  Ralph Fiennes is all kinds of awesome, and after the first 5 minutes I totally stopped imagining him with no nose and red eyes, he was really very good.  Cate Blanchett was young and pretty...  makes me wonder if she's had work done.  I was unprepared for the spectacularly unhappy ending.  When I recommend a movie, it's usually with a caveat; "It's sad. be forewarned".  Mom gave me none of that, and I can't even properly chastise her because she's on a cruise for the next week (poor girl)!  Even worse, Nolan has begun using the word "nab"  or "nabbed" and a euphemism for sex.  =P  Oh, dear.

The exchange fic is coming along.  I'd say that I have 3/4 of it written, and a quarter of it typed.  I abhor typing.  I do.  I got a lot done this weekend, staying up late and scribbling away.  It's gonna be a monster, probably longer than my last one.  Ah, well.  what're ya gonna do?

The weekend was really wonderful.  Tom & Nolan went to the Byron Nelson Golf Classic and mom and I stayed home and entertained the boys and ourselves.  Friday we went to the zoo, and Saturday we went to the park (there's a ridiculous amount of picspam under the cut).  We cooked, we drank good wine, the boys were introduced (via Papa Tom) to Rocky and Bullwinkle, and I have discovered my absolute love of Crystal Light Drink Mix in the 'Sunrise Ruby Red Grapefruit' flavor.  It's spectacular, and I'm not even a huge grapefruit fan.

Things I need to do:  Record the podcast (I have kind of a scratchy throat and deeper voice than normal right now; I might put that off for a few days) and I really must paint the boy's room this week and do touch-up paint in the rest of the house.  I MUST.  Tonight I have playwrighting class and have to go to Oklahoma! rehearsal so I can see if all of the props are being used properly.  Would it be rude to bring my ipod and listen to something else while I'm there?  (I'm kidding.  No I'm not.)

Have a good week everyone!

Playwrighting.  Hmm.

We're so close to finishing this year's show,  but the kids have spring fever, so I decided that we're 'done enough'  and proposed to write a short one-act before the end of the year.  Superhero Therapy, it's called.  I like it.  So far, anyway.  We have about a page, I'd guess, but basically it's Batman picking on Superman, Spiderman lurking in a corner, Catwoman having a catnip problem , Wonder Woman being just a pain in the ass, and then there's the pink Power Ranger to round off the cast list.  (I think we'll probably just mock her.)  Will it change the world?  No.  Absolutely not.  But that's not what we set out to do, either.  Whatever the case, it's better than alienating one's students by making them work on something that they're bored with.  

Are you reading the fics at [profile] ginnylovesdraco?  Mine hasn't been posted yet.  *waits patiently*

After last week's emo-ness, I felt as if all of the creativity were sucked out of my body through my fingernails...  but now it appears to be back.  That's the good news.  The bad news is,  I haven't got it all together, because I completely forgot to take a meal over to my friend's house who had a baby a couple of weeks ago.  I'm a very, very bad friend.  *is horrified*  How can I make it up to her?  I was thinking a big basket of snacks and maybe a couple of giftcards to restaurants.  Gah, I suck.  Truly.

I have tonight and tomorrow off from The Lonesome West and then we do it Wednesday through Sunday.  *prays for strength*
So.  Lots of positive stuff!

I watched a bit of auditions for the play my class and I wrote last year (which officially being produced at the theatre - YAY!).  There is something so satisfying at hearing your words spoken by an actor.  Even if the interp is off a little, it's worth it.  Can't wait to see what they do with it.  Ambrosia, Peanut Butter, Kool-Aid and Enchiladas, a Story of the Teenaged Gods of Ancient Greece.  Oh, how I love that title.  Late May.  Can't wait.

The ALTAs (an awards assembly that the theatre has every year which is like the Oscars, but much, much more lame) are in June, and I'm looking forward to that, not because I'm nominated and might win something, but because it'll be a great party.  Open bar, good food, a little entertainment, good times.

Preview night (half price tickets!) was fanfreakingtastic last night.  It was a very small, but properly appreciative crowd.  I always lose sight  (or faith) that people will actually laugh at the jokes.  I was thrilled and relieved standing backstage.  I couldn't have been prouder if they were my own children.  The actors were relaxed and happy, the director was able to take deep breaths again, and I'm just glad we're open and can stop messing about with things.  My job is officially over; the crew will do scene changes, all I have to to is prepare the "bourbon and wax " beforehand and then supervise, and take care of any emergencies that might crop up.

Bourbon and wax.  Heh.  It's not what it sounds like...  no kink involved...  maybe next season.

And the opening night party is tonight.  Woo-hoo.  Another (semi) open bar.

Something else that I've wanted to mention for awhile is that my boys, sweet Ethan and Aaron,  always open doors for me.  They'll hold open the front door, open my car door for me, kind of like mini-chivalric knights in shining armor.  Of course once we get in the car it's back to, "HE'S LOOKING AT ME!"  or wailing on each other--they both have black eyes right now-- (no one call CPS... ).  What can you do?  You take the good, and try to ignore (or tactfully discipline, perhaps) the bad.

You know how when you fill out forms you have to check a ticky box that says your age?  Like, 16-20, 20-25...  etc?
I just had to check the 31-40 box.  Thirty-one to Forty?  When the crap did that happen?  

Oh, well.   It can't be all bunnies.
I just submitted the contest fic.  It's almost a thousand more words than the last time I posted.  *g*  I'm relieved, and at the same time uneasy (not just because I noticed no less than three mistakes right after I sent it - Gah).  It happens that way whenever I write something.  The first time one of my plays was produced, I had the worst case of ...  I guess you could say 'stage fright', ever.  It's rather like handing a newborn over to someone else and hoping that they take as good care of it as you would yourself.  It isn't even about being judged.  I mean, I'm an actress.  If that doesn't set you up for being judged, I don't know what does.  And I feel no trepidation about putting myself out there for view...  but what I've written seems so much more personal, somehow.  Perhaps it's to do with my confidence as an actress as opposed to being a writer.  

Ho hum.  Too much introspection for a Thursday morning.

On a strictly fun note, speaking of playwriting, another of mine might be produced at the theatre I work for!  Squee!  It's one that my playwrighting class and I did last year, the one I got my penname from.  The thought that it even might be done makes me incredibly hopeful.  The only thing better than writing a play is watching it being performed on stage and the giddy feeling at the audience's reaction.  

I'm about to have lunch with my handsome husband at my favorite restaurant.  Life does not get more fabulous that that.
This day is not going as planned.  

Tuesdays and Thursdays are "Mother's Day Out."  My sweet 4 year old has the croup, and thus cannot go to school today, and he has required much, much more of my attention than usual.  He needs breathing treatments, which he does NOT appreciate.  They are much easier to give to him now than when he was a baby, and for that I am grateful.  He wants me to hold him, (he weighs 55 lbs, so it's only when I'm sitting that I can do this) and watch movies with him, and so far I've been subjected to Sesame Street (kind of nostalgic), Star Wars, Attack of the Clones (Not too shabby, Hayden Christensen (sp?), yummy!) and Blue's Big Musical (Blue's Clues makes me want to poke my eyes out).  He categorically refuses to take a nap, which is really what he needs.

And WHY in heaven's name have they not come up with a way to make Robitussin taste better in the last 25 years?  It tastes every bit as crappy as it did when I was little!

I do enjoy cuddling the little one, he's usually moving so fast he doesn't have time for a hug.  My shopping excursion, grocery store trip, lunch with friends, and other superfluous errands can wait til my 'baby' is better.

I've got a major case of writer's block.  The only thing I seem to be able to write is the play for the class I teach, and that's supposed to be a group effort!  If anyone out there sees my muse, could you slap her around and send her back to Texas?
Whoever made me think I could be in charge of bereavement meals for our church was a freaking lunatic.  When people start to get teary and weepy, then, inevitably, so do I.  I cannot let people cry alone.  And really, when a family member just died, no one needs the girl serving the roast chicken to lose it, too.  Right.  Will be more prepared in the future.  But I hope there are no more funerals for a long, long, time.  (That may have been the most selfish thing I've ever typed.  Sorry.)

Playwrighting is going swimmingly.  I'd say that we are a quarter of the way through with this year's one-act and it's funny and smart, as well.  The kids I'm working with are brilliant, (truly - very smart) and if I could get all of them to use their powers for good and not evil we'd be set.    But I laugh a LOT in that one hour chunk of time every week.  It's so cathartic.  No matter what happens to be going on in life, they can ALWAYS make me laugh.  It makes me happy to be a teacher.  Not all classes have made me feel that way.  Can I get an amen?

On a completely different note, my body is really letting me down.  Gravity is my new enemy.  WTC?  Can it get worse?  I'm also a little miffed at the lines around my eyes.  (Laugh lines - pffft.)  And the grey hairs!  Seriously, this isn't right!  I have an appointment on the 14th at 2:30 for a color, cut and highlights (which will cost roughly the same amount as the GNP for Botswana) to make me a redhead again, so that I may have the same hair (minus the Dorothy Hammill cut) that I did when I was eight.  I'm kind of excited about the red hair, though.  So's hubby.  (Whatever it takes.)  I'm NOT going to grow old gracefully.  I'm not going to go as far as surgery (although, restoring the sisters to their former glory would be nice) or botox, but if anyone has any beauty secrets...  fill me in.  And all you girls in your twenties...  LIVE IT UP.  'Cause gravity always wins, my pets.  Always.

Have posted up to Chapter five of current Fan Fic as D&G.com.  It's truly a guilty pleasure.  Is my own work suffering?  Erm, a little.  But it's so easy to write.  The characters are already there and well rounded with a history, and the reviewers are really, really nice, for the most part.  It's the instant gratification, I suppose, that has me hooked.  And the fact that I love the plot that I've created.  Poor J.K. Rowling would never have these characters together, and probably disapproves heartily...  but I sure am having a great time!
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( Sep. 17th, 2006 08:25 am)

I'm teaching a playwrighting class this fall and I have a SUPER fun group of students that I gave just a crazy assignment...  which was only met with a few whines...  so I did it as well.  I thought it was fun.  I may, however, have a warped sense of fun.   It was definitely a challenge to make sure all of those elements listed were in the story , and that they made sense!  Anyway, click the link to read my ALT playwrighting scene entitled Madeline's Summer.

Or don't.  It's up to you.  It's pointless, mindless fluff and won't change the world, but it's cute, I think.

Lovely Sunday, all!



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