Chalk it up to playing three distinctly different characters. I'm feeling a touch schizophrenic.

So. Tonight is preview night. Basically, it's final dress with an audience. Yet, there IS an audience, so it's not like we can go back and call do-over if something goes tragically, horribly wrong. And good lord have mercy, there are just SO MANY THINGS that can go wrong in this show, that I'm forcing myself NOT to think about them, and focus on the really, really great rehearsal we had last night.

The rehearsal we had after we got mid way through Act I and started over.


It was like gasoline on a fire, y'all. The suck explosions just got bigger and bigger and bigger. And bigger.

Yet, the second time around, it was a thing of beauty. So, yes, focusing on the second, beautiful bit and not on the first enormous pile of suckage.

The thing is, this show is FUNNY. Really, really funny. The tech gags are funny. The sound is funny. The actors are hilarious. I'm even mildly amusing at times. This is not one to miss. It's even family friendly. Bring the kids. There are a few very mild profanities, and I do swear in German, but all in all, a good time for everyone. There's action, romance, slapstick humor, a couple of handfuls of different accents, and poking fun at every Alfred Hitchcock film ever made.

But in a completely respectful way. *cough*

So, yes. If you're in the Texas panhandle, come. Call for show times and tickets! (806) 355-9991. You won't be disappointed.

We promise to be an extra 25% funny, just for you.

And here's a photo of me as a blonde, for your viewing pleasure. )
★I've decided that even though I don't have time to do it myself, I really love National Blog Posting Month, which is, for those of you not all-consumed by the intranets, is this month. I don't do it because I don't enjoy setting myself up for failure. Because honestly, I'm distracted by something shiny every, oh, five seconds or so. I'd never make it. But during NaBloPoMo, all my friends who are usually too busy to blog regularly do so for the whole month! It's like getting a glut of your favorite TV show. It's fun.

★Nolan signed me up to make cornbread dressing (stuffing?) for 40 people to take to our church Thanksgiving dinner. Do I get to go? No. Is Nolan going to go? No. But I'm still making the crap ton of stuffing. I can't even conceive of the amounts of ingredients for that. There's math in my future. Ugh. I'm not upset, though. Not about the signing up, or the making of the dish, or even the fact that I'm not getting to eat it. I'm upset about the math. Math makes me grouchy.

★Ethan just spent ten minutes trying to convince me that those yogurts that have Oreos or M&M's packaged with them to sprinkle on top are low fat and healthy for you. Seriously, kid. This is not my first rodeo. And: Ew, cough, gag and splutter.

★Tomorrow I have too much to do. A jam-packed full day. It's full of all good things, but there's not going to be time to breathe. I've become rather accustomed to breathing, and it bothers me a bit when I'm prohibited.

★Do you know when you do something, and then people really like it? That feeling you get when you get a pat on the back? I've had a dozen of those pats over the past week, for a short story I wrote for an anonymous fest where I still remain anonymous. Every single pat makes me smile. And if I could figure out how to respond anonymously, I would. But I am technologically deficient. It's a good thing I have other talents, for sure. Like making breakfast parfaits. I make a mean parfait.

★Rehearsal. Rehearsal is SO. MUCH. FUN. Rarely have I been with a group of people who are so creative and hard-working and intuitive as these boys. It's a delight and a joy. I've decided I'm going to do a picture a night on instagram. So you can follow the show and my crappy photography skills over there. I'm carriehuckabay on that particular site. Which is my actual name, if you throw in a space, for those of you who don't know.

★Also, and I'm loathe to "announce" it, but here goes: *deep breath* I'm breaking up with Sugar.

*throws self on floor and weeps bitterly*

It isn't Sugar's fault, and it isn't because I don't believe in Sugar's love for me, or even because I'm trying to lose weight (I'm ALWAYS trying to lose weight), or because I read the ebook of Skinny Bitch and secretly liked that the author was cursing at me like some sort of sailor with Tourette's. I'm leaving Sugar because I can trace all of the times I feel like utter and complete crapola to refined Sugar. Quite frankly, I'm sure I'll miss Sugar. I'll have Sugar withdrawals. I'm going to leave 2 a.m. phone calls on Sugar's phone and write Sugar a love Sonnet a day. But Sugar makes me feel like ass, and even if I do love Sugar from the deepest depths of my black little heart and want to have a billion of Sugar's little Sugar Babies, Sugar has to leave.

That metaphor went wrong somewhere. Alas. You have to know when to say when.

★That's all. *points to the icon* Make the right decision.

Cake. No... death. No! Cake.... It really is a difficult choice. As for me, I'm going to go Google 'Crapton of dressing' and see what comes up.

It has been one hell of a week.

I mean to say.

★So as I start the prospect of my busy weekend, I feel like I need to come to you, my peoples of the intranet, and give you the update of what's been up over here at my house. (Not actually at my house, this particular use of in my house is used as Urban Slang, as in, "This is my house, yo. Stay outta my house."

Because I've got street cred and stuff.

Stop laughing.

I'm not gonna dance for you, though. So you're safe. )

★So now I'm going to go about the business of the grocery store to prepare for the company we're having this weekend (dinners both tonight and tomorrow), cleaning the house, preparing my supplies to paint at church (Yeah, I paint during the service. It's out there, but very cool all the same) and memorize the rest of my lines. All in 48 hours.

Cover me. I'm going in.
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( May. 6th, 2011 03:24 pm)
After a month and a half of rehearsing music, sweaty dance rehearsals, high-heeled foot torture, costume alterations, insane slimming workouts, chiropractic rehabilitation, sleep deprivation and random personal freakouts, we have a full price paying audience tonight, who will have the pleasure of being entertained by a bunch of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. I hope. :)

I have ten costume changes, eight different pairs of shoes and twenty pieces of jewelry in the course of the show.

I haven't been in bed before midnight all week.

But there's a party tonight. Performing + audience + party + getting to sleep in tomorrow = Fanfreakingtastic.

And I have a new dress and cute shoes to wear tonight, too.

And Nolan's home early from work, so I get to spend a little time with him.

I guess life can't get much better!
The last post was a bit dramatic. It's an occupational hazard. Apologies all around.

Nolan teases me that I'm annoyingly even tempered, but only because I store up all of my upset for six months at a time, until I explode and have an "I Feel" day, spewing hot, molten crazy on everyone in my immediate vicinity. Those days are rare, but they do happen. They hurt a little, too. I need to work on letting it out little by little. A crazy release valve, if you will.

Anyway. Moving forward. Onwards and upwards. Adapt and overcome.

The show is contained, for the time being. The next two weeks will undoubtedly be grueling, but I can actually see fun from where I am. It's promising. The thing that's motivating? The principles are having such a good time; they're funny, talented and well rehearsed, so the ensemble will just be a lovely icing on an already wonderful and yummy cake.

Forgive the food metaphors. I've got cinnamon bun bread in the oven for our breakfast, and the smell is driving me a little nutty.

I tried on the cute cowgirl costume from the last post, and... I could look worse. Talk about barely contained. I'm going to have to do some strategic work with duct tape and bailing wire so that all my business stays where it belongs. A friend of mine says that it's all about the base coat of paint. SO true.

So anyway. Things are looking up. It's Easter, and I do love this particular holiday. His sacrifice puts my problems in perspective as trivial and petty, comparatively. Plus, I made myself a new Easter dress, and always enjoy the coloring and hunting eggs aspect of the weekend.

So have a happy Easter, and may the Easter bunny bring you all the Cadbury creme eggs your heart desires.
First of all, may I say that there shouldn't be two three o' clocks in a twenty four hour period? Nothing good happens at three a.m. Well, nothing good has ever happened to me at three a.m. Unless you count uninterrupted sleep, which frankly I'm not getting enough of these days.

What I'm saying is that I've been awake now for over two hours - long enough to try to convince myself to go back to sleep, and when it became abundantly apparent that wasn't happening, to have a bath, feed the dogs and have a cup of coffee.

What awoke me at that ungodly (seriously, I refuse to believe MY risen savior has anything to do with 3 a.m.) hour you may ask? I'll tell you, reader. I woke up in a sweat, frowning, with a heck of a backache from a dream about... you guessed it. Choreography.

I'm affectionately calling them 'dancemares.'

Wait, what? Not everyone has nightmares about dance steps? Just me? Alrighty.

Anyway, once I'm awake and thinking about what comes next (step step kick chase turn step ball change) and get stuck, then my mind drifts to other things. Like the fact that one or possibly more of my costumes for the show might be pornographic.

More about nightmares of all sorts... )
At least I've learned the music. Mostly. But hitting the right notes is not going to stop my rear end from being exposed to all of Amarillo this May. Stay tuned. It's gonna be a hell of a ride.

Only he's not getting paid. Oh, well.

Tom Sawyer's house looks a lot like a beach in the south pacific, doesn't it? Funny.

But seriously, it was if the kid was born to be on stage or in front of a camera. Of course, I think genetics plays a role. Nolan doesn't like to advertise that he has the exact same degree I do, and rolls his eyes about the boys being enrolled in musical theatre, but I know he's proud, too. Neither one of us are really stage parents, though. You know those mothers who are there every step of the kids' day? The ones that still wipe the kid's nose when they're perfectly capable of doing it themselves? I call them 'Alpha Moms.' I, to coin a phrase from one of my dear friends, Jayme, am a 'Beta Mom.' I'm hanging out, waiting for them to need me, but making sure they actually do before I step in.

And honestly? I tried to help him with line interp. It's one of the five things in life that I do really well, but true to ten year-old form, he waved his hand and said, "I got this, Mom."

Fine. But I'm standing over here waiting when I'm needed.
Two performances down, two more weeks to go.

Three of these guys have taken my class. That makes me smiley.

Honestly, I've had mixed feelings about South Pacific. It's an "old time" musical, one that has a long first act and a long second act, and repetition to ensure that the songs are firmly etched in your grey matter when you leave the theatre. (I can testify, having awoken this morning to my brain singing, "I'm bromidic and bright as a moon-happy night, pourin' light on the dew!" as the soundtrack to some COMPLETELY inappropriate dreams. Stupid subconscious.)

bro·mid·ic – adjective
pertaining or proper to a platitude; being a bromide; trite.

Huh. You learn something new every day.

Wherein I wax poetic about the theatre... )
I've been crazy busy. As in, running all day, every day, with no time to do anything remotely relaxing like reading my friends list or blog roll. Home group is tonight, so I'm spending the day cleaning and cooking, and tonight also final dress of South Pacific, which is shaping up to be a really great (if sort of long) show. Rodgers and Hammerstein, man. They had a a lot to say, and weren't afraid to write an almost SEVEN MINUTE overture. (ALT has cut it down to three something, thankfully. We don't want Nolan and AJ falling asleep before the show even starts. Ethan would have to drive home.)

Anyhow, I'm dropping by to share a story with you all. Aaron's third grade teacher, who was incidentally, also Ethan's third grade teacher, got married to her boyfriend this past weekend. They're both twenty-seven and completely adorable. Shea (AJ's teacher) is a great girl, and a wonderful teacher, and Brian is as cute as he can be. Brian has Brain cancer. Two tumors right now, in fact. There was a story about them in the Amarillo GLobe News this past weekend, and it made me smile through tears. (Which is totally my favorite emotion. ;))

So anyway. Read that. You won't be disappointed. I'm glad that my sons have had the opportunity to know and love Shea and to meet Brian. Prayers for them would be appreciated as well. And sending good vibes to me for opening night. Maybe I'll be back next week when life settles down a little. In the meantime, I'm off to find a remedy for puffy, sleep-deprived eyes and bake for the next several hours. Maybe that IS the remedy for puffiness! I'll let you know.

Y'all have a great rest of the week!
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( Sep. 5th, 2010 03:13 pm)
I went this afternoon to let Valerie play with my hair. We watched the Live from Lincoln Center version of SP to get us in the mood...

The results were good!

two more under here... )

Gonna be super easy.
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( Aug. 25th, 2010 05:52 pm)
Mostly this post is for my mother, who isn't going to get to see the show I'm currently in. But for everyone else, this is sort of cool. Mark Robertson-Baker, a filmmaker/director here in town is filming a documentary/ad spots for ALT during the process of South Pacific.

I'm in all three videos, but the last one is probably the best. It includes the follies routine on a teeny tiny stage on the stage, and I find it amusing that I'm continually looking down so that my lard ass isn't going to FALL OFF.

Videos Under Here! )

Keep in mind that these are rehearsals. So nothing is quite finished or perfectly polished. Even so, it's still pretty good!
Even though I didn't plan it, I seem to be busy. Really Busy.

I'm pleasantly sore from all the workouts I've been doing to reduce in the name of South Pacific, waist deep in research for costuming Eurydice (now that I understand it, I think I may like it. Still not sure, though),preparing and rehearsing for a women's retreat drama mid-September, dance rehearsals and blocking rehearsals for South Pacific, managing to do the HGC diet without wanting to pull my (or anyone else's) hair out*, writing a little and sewing, painting and keeping the house from exploding with dirt.

I am woman, hear me roar, etc.

We're getting our new bed delivered today. I could NOT be more happy. I still need to document the drama that is The Bed. Gracious. It's an epic freaking saga.

The children have been gone since Sunday, and they return this afternoon. I've missed them! But the house is really clean. And quiet. ;)
* Actually, I'd sell my grandmother for some queso. And you know how I love my grandmother.
You're the ___________ to my __________.

Comment here with your username, and I will comment that you are the (insert character's name here) to my(insert another character's name here)-- this may include but is not limited to books, tv shows, movies or even real people.

It's pretty easy. ♥ GO MEMESHEEP.

And here's the cut, wherein I discuss spelling, crawfishes, my kids and the lack therof, hideous rock chips, furniture, the Supernatural Car, my gigantic ass and rehearsals. Feel free to skip it. )

That about covers it. What are you all doing this weekend?

Edit: And there's a tie at [ profile] ronpansy_ldws. Please go and vote?
The last few days have been really relaxing! With the boys gone, Nolan and I have had date night (or date lunch) every day. It's been fantastic, really. We've been to restaurants and so forth, but last night I made homemade white pizzas and he read The Thin Man to me while we shared a bottle of Pinot Noir. It was kinda romantical. :)

September 16 - October 3 will be the production dates for South Pacific. It really has a phenomenally talented cast - when I looked at the list past my own name (selfish, selfish) I was floored by all the talent just in the chorus, not to mention the leads! So if you're going to be in the Amarillo area then, make plans to see it. Rehearsals start Monday, and I'm really excited. It's fun to know I have more to do than just the mundane things that go one here from day to day. Laundry, cooking, cleaning, sewing, painting, writing... Breaks up the monotony, you know?

I'm watching a copy of the movie version of South Pacific that I borrowed from my friend Scott. So far, it only makes me want to go on vacation to somewhere tropical. Like right now. The last time I watched it, I think I lived with deedsk_tx. And that was nearly fifteen years ago. Lord, we're old, D. ;) When did that happen?

And I know it might be silly, but waking up to this made me really, really happy, too.

Pretty banner! )

And next weeks prompt is the best yet. :D

Life's pretty great.
It's been awhile since I've done a proper "life catch up" post. *

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas opens Thursday at the Amarillo Little Theatre, wherein I play Linda Lou, a girl working at the Chicken Ranch.** The show is solid, and funny, and musically sound, so say the directors. For my part? I've spent the majority of the last five weeks going up and down stairs and dancing in three and a half inch heels. Nothing can hurt me, y'all. I'm ready. Bring it.  Plus, I got to do my own costumes, and I have to say, they're awfully sassy.  Garters and thigh high stockings and vintage red slips and bejeweled floor length gowns.  HEE!  Chriselda (the theatre's photographer) is taking pictures tonight, so I'll have some to post next week sometime.

Ethan made both the honor choir and the safety patrol.  He has to be at the school at 7:30.  Dear God in heaven above, deliver me from the Safety Patrol.  Aaron is unamused that he has to get up earlier to accomodate his brother's responsibilities.  I, for one, understand where the kid's coming from.

I'm still working at the library again this year, with the added new bonus of having a little job reading books to the special needs class, oral interpretation style.  I started today, and it was fun.  I really enjoy reading books aloud, I always have (plus, it's one of the few things I do well).  And they seemed to enjoy it.  Win/win.

I think I may volunteer at one of the hospitals doing much the same thing.  Wish I could parlay it into an actual, paying, job.***

What else?  Because I'm ridiculously crazy, I'm writing for a new HP rpg, [ profile] turn_left_rpg , set after book 7 and with no reference whatsoever to the EoD.****  *shakes head*  Too, too fun.  And addictive.  I also and still writing for [ profile] si_muove_rpg , and I'm posting a new R/P at various communities and on my writing journal, [ profile] carriescribbles .

I'm having lunch with the Education Director of the Theatre today, who I love more than my luggage.  And It's FALL.  Life is FABULOUS!

* If you don't give a rip about me and my life, this is you chance to escape.  No hard feelings.
**which is the cleaned up version of "whore" and "whorehouse" respectively that you can sell to the grey-haired blue hairs that may attend :D
***I sound like Nolan.  :P
****Epilogue of Doom
And by that, I mean that when I awoke this morning, my muscles swore at me with words that would make a merchant seaman blush scarlet. I see Myoflex and ibuprofen in my immediate future.

After working out and going to rehearsals nonstop for the past six weeks, it appears that I'm going to need some down time. To recoup. I have TWO days for this to happen until hell week (The theatrical term for the week of incorporating costumes, lights, sound and orchestra into the production - usually horrifically grueling rehearsals). My sweet husband has planned our company's trip to take all of the employees to the Dallas area to see a Ranger game, so I'll spend some good down time in the bus, napping, hopefully, watching my ipod and MAYBE writing a little.

But today, I'm skipping the workout. I've got to go to the grocery store, and then to Dillards or Kohls or somewhere to get some strapless, suck-me-in, push-me-up foundation garment so I won't have to be naked in front of the people backstage, four of which are former students of mine. So, yeah, that would be weird.

And I probably need to get Nolan a birthday gift. He turns the big 4-0 on Sunday. Wow. He's OLD(er than me)! And mom and Tom are coming in to watch the boys while we're away, so I should probably herd out the dustbunnies from under the guest bed.

Who needs a workout when you've got a to do list like that! Fingers crossed that all the pain is gone by Sunday night! Have a great weekend, all!
Rehearsals are going well. We had a costume parade last night, and the director liked all of my costumes. With the exception of one sheer, red peignoir, I'd bought all of them for me, so I made sure they looked good. For one, he said I looked too classy, and that I needed to make it a little more trashy (!?), one got a "Va va va voom!" and the other two he said he really, really liked. I'm keeping and wearing the zebra print(!) dress after this is all said and done, just so everyone is aware.

Man, I love costumes.

The rear slapping is going well; I only made a few mistakes in choreography last night, and we still have two weeks to go. So that's a relief. I cannot, however, do the dances in the four inch stripper shoes. Cest la vie. They look great with the costume and the make me TALL! But I might kill myself and take out four or five others with me if I try to spin in them, so they're out.

I really like the group of girls I'm working with. Girls on the whole are a catty bunch, but these women seem to be down to Earth, genuinely lovely people. It's a good thing, because we all have to be nearly naked together a bunch.

I'm getting my hair colored in a few minutes. I'd forgotten to make an appointment when I had it done last time, so there's an INCH of new growth. I'm GREY. Not that anyone will EVER know, because I sure as crap am not going to grow old gracefully. Screw that. I want to look YOUNG! (Feeling young is definitely out, as my hips were screaming, "Bitch!" at me this morning when I got up, but LOOKING young I think I can manage for a few more years.)

And last but not least, I just had a parent/teacher conference with Ethan's fourth grade teachers. I know he's a great kid, (I'm biased) but it's nice to hear it from other people. They said that he's excelling in everything, is a fantastic role model for the other boys, he's social, but follows the rules, he participates in class, and that he's becoming a great leader.

I wonder what A.J.'s teachers will say?
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( Sep. 8th, 2009 10:58 pm)
Is an award that I will not be receiving anytime soon.

Nolan woke me at 6:00 this morning, informing me that he had to go to Nebraska this week. Today. Til Thursday. Which, ordinarily, would have me doing a little 'alone time' dance.

Not so, this morning.

After trying to find a sitter for most of the day, it became apparent that I would have to take my sons with me to rehearsal for The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, wherin (in case you aren't a faithful reader of this journal) I play a whore.

Luckily, they were spared seeing any of the real Graphic numbers. For today, anyway.

Two things, though: 1)Ethan asked, "Mommy? What was going on before Mr. Jason (Melvin P. Thorpe) came onstage?" (Answer I did not give? Sounds of the throes of passion. *facepalm*)
2) He was singing "Texas has a bleephouse in it! Lord have mercy on our souls!" at the top of his lungs on the way home. Please do not call social services. I really do try to be a good mother.

At least he has the good sense not to say the word 'whore.' Let's hope he doesn't let it slip at school.

Aaron? Fell asleep about an hour before we were done. I'm going to be grateful that he didn't see the whorehouse number, instead of taking it as a personal comment on the acting.
I have all sorts of things I want to post about, but I'm not feeling particularly funny or clever. In fact, I'm more than a little ho hum. It happens, at times,  I suppose.

Rehearsals are SO much fun. I grin (when I'm not concentrating on finding the harmony) from ear to ear the whole time I'm there. The music is fun, the dances are fun, and my part is great. Funny, funny lines.  I'm sure to blush the first time I say them in front of people.  I had a dance rehearsal Sunday that proved that a rond de jambe à terre can cause you to have sore muscles in your sides the next day. One of the other "girls" called them "sexy muscles." So, I have sexy muscles, and apparently they aren't where you'd suppose them to be. *snort*

Speaking of sexy stuff, In one dance alone (24 Hours of Lovin', it's called) for The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, I slap my own ass three times. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that's better than slapping someone else's ass. It's unlike anything I've ever done before, on stage.  And it's FUN.  It's released a whole new side of Carrie.  The jury's still out on whether or not that side should have remained under wraps.  I'll keep you posted.

In related news, Ethan asked what "carnal lust" meant. (From these lyrics: "I'll expose the facts although it fills me with disgust. Please excuse the filthy dark details, and carnal lust.") Ooops. No more rehearsing the libretto where the kiddos can hear. Or practicing the dances. I don't want then to find out that I have sexy muscles, or see me slapping my rear end, for that matter.

In another seamless segue, I don't whine much, because I think whiners are the epitome of uselessness, but I bruised my tailbone before I went on vacation when I slipped on the vacuum cleaner hose and landed on the bricks in the entryway. (I looked like some sort of Tom and Jerry cartoon, I'm sure.)  ANYWAY,  IT FREAKING HURTS.  It makes sitting a challenge.  Not to mention dancing.  And slapping the aforementioned bruise. ;)

I'll get my cleverness and hilarity back soon, and post some of the highlights from vacation.  I'm going to have to make a tag that says "funny things my in-laws say," or something.  ;)

Happy b-day, Jessica!
Lord have mercy on our souls.

So I didn't get a callback after my audition on Sunday evening, but I guess they saw all they needed to see.  I got cast as one of "Miss Mona's girls," which, roughly translated, means I'll be one of the whores.  To quote a line from the show, "Yee haw."  How on EARTH am I going to explain what a 'whore' is to Ethan and Aaron?  One of my friends suggested letting them watch the movie and figure it out for themselves.


Anyway, it's a great big YAY.  After I registered the kids for school, dropped them at a friend's house, went to a Dr. appointment, worked with numbers all day at Nolan's business, I needed a little good news.

The music is very fun.  The dancing makes me nail bitey, only because I'm going to be gone all next week when they're teaching all the combinations.  Eeek!  But the beach=fun and I've not been on a proper vacation in a long time.  So no guilt.

My favorite line  so far?  "No whips or rough stuff.  This ain't the Marine Corps!  No three or more to a bed.  This ain't the circus!  And no kissing on the mouth.  This ain't the junior prom!"

MAN, I love the theatre.



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