My life, since I took the job of costumer for La Cage Aux Folles, has not been boring. Stressful, perhaps, maybe a little trying, rife with nightmares, but definitely interesting. And quite probably, the job has made people think I'm a little strange. (Not news for my tens of readers, but I digress.) As I was saying, the day to day aspects of costuming a drag show are entertaining.

Take today.

No, really. Take today. I'm done with it.


So, first things first this morning, I get my hair cut and colored. Honestly, the inch of grey roots was beginning to affect my self-esteem. I leave the brilliant Arviel's shop, ready for the day. My first stop is JoAnn Fabrics, where I'm getting some silver trim, a few white feather boas, and some bra extenders for some of the costumes. While I'm there, my eye was caught by the breast augmentation doohickeys.

Now, me being who I am with all that God has blessed me, have never really had the occasion to peruse the chicken cutlets. Here was the conversation I had with the store employee.

I loathe explanations. )

So anyway, yeah. Interesting times. Definitely interesting.
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( Jul. 6th, 2011 08:49 pm)
It's hot. Like Africa hot.

I know it's summer and I live in Texas, but every year I'm always surprised by how hot it is. This year is exceptionally hot. And because I live in Amarillo, it's windy, too. And there's a drought, so every time I step outside it's as if someone's trained a hair dryer on me. It's just gross, is what it is.

However, let me just say praise God for air conditioning. I've been sewing blankets and a quilt for a friend's baby shower, and the thought of covering up a baby with them right now makes me actually break into a sweat. (I also made a dozen kitty cat tails for Ethan's theatre camp. All that did was make me smile.)

Despite how hot it's been, I've spent the last week looking for a fall outfit to wear for this magazine interview/photoshoot I've got tomorrow morning. (The article comes out in September, so I thought wearing a sleeveless sundress wouldn't be quite right.) Do you know how hard it is to find a fall outfit when it's a BILLION degrees outside? It's almost nine o' clock in the evening right now, and it's still like the surface of the sun out there.

Anyhow, so I bought a fall dress. It's really cute. But the thought of actually putting it and a pair of boots on and then going outside makes me want to die a little.

Yet I will. Because being cute and in season is important.

Probably. A little.

You sweat for your art, is what it all boils down to.

Feel free to quote me on that.
I bet you're all sitting out there thinking, "Oh, thank GOD. That's just what I needed on this Monday morning to make my life complete. A table runner tutorial."

Or perhaps you're not as cynical and jaded as I am, and you've clicked on the link thinking, "Oh, fun. I'll check this out."

Either way, hi. Happy Monday. (Even though that's an oxymoron.) *waves* And a happy birthday to my saby bister Emily, who is five years younger. Not that I resent her for being five years younger. I don't. Much. Hope it's a great one, Em.

So a friend of mine works at a very fancy furniture store here in town and every so often, she brings me remnants, or the samples of upholstery that they have in the store so that the fancy people that shop there can decide what pattern they want their new sofa to be. The powers that be at the couch companies discontinue fabric a LOT, so I tip my hat to them. Thanks, unnamed sofa folks. And thanks to my friend Tammy and her husband who schlep the fabric over to my house. I love fabric. And I simply ADORE free, high quality, gorgeous fabric. It's like Christmas, Easter and the tooth fairy coming all at once.

Anyway, I Have all this fabric. And I remember a year (or so) ago, my mother sent me an email with a link to a crafting/sewing blog with a message instructing me to make whatever it was on the link. I get those a lot. "I don't have time to do this, but here. You do it." Mom's emails make me smile. They usually start in the middle of a thought, but the thing is, I totally know where she's coming from AND where she's going. Long story short, I can't remember the link, only what there was a picture of: A table runner, centerpiece thingy made from circles of pretty fabric.

So that's what we're doing here, today. Try to contain your excitement.

How-to and snark under the cut. )

Anyway, tutorial over. If you find yourself with an overabundance of fabric (if, indeed there IS such a thing,) make one of these. Even my boys, who never notice anything aesthetically pleasing unless it tastes good while they're shoveling it into their mouths, said, "Oh, hey, Mom. That's cool."

It's COOL. You heard it here, first.
Hey, reader! Watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat.

Fifty billion points if you can name that cartoon. Only two if you look at the icon.

Aaaaand, scene. This is one of those 'something for everyone' posts. Don't like whatever drivel seeps out in the paragraph you're reading? Skip to the next. That one might be better. You can hope, anyway.

Here goes.

★ I, and consequently anyone older than me, am/are no longer allowed to use the following phrase: "I'm gonna get my _________ on," where the blank is arbitrarily a noun, verb or adjective, depending on the speaker. Example: "I'm gonna go get my dance on," to explain to those surrounding the speaker that she might like to dance. January 14th, 1973. Check the date and obey the rules. Thanks.

★ Gay men make better shop attendants than straight men or even women. (Find me a straight man in retail or musical theatre. The ratio is skewed.) When I proclaimed this to my husband, he asked, "Even in the men's section?" To which I replied, "Especially in the men's section! How's a straight man going to help another straight man, fashion-wise? They'd all come out looking like... you. Honey." He conceded the point, I think.

★ Carrie Fisher's Wishful Drinking. Saw the show on Broadway. Laughed hysterically. Read the book in an afternoon. Laughed again. Funny, funny stuff. Admittedly, I'm an easy room, but it'll also make you glad for your own, relatively normal life.

★ Sometimes I get disappointed with people to the point that I never want to leave the house. (Where my house is Mt. Crumpit and I just stand at the door and glare down at the Whos of the world.) And then a few days go by and I take a deep breath, sigh heavily and give the world a metaphorical raspberry because, honestly, people are punks and they always will be. My bounceback time is faster, and for that I'm grateful.

★ I made these last night for home group, among other things. I LOVE THEM. In a completely dangerous-to-my-butt way.

★ Ever listen to The Splendid Table on NPR? (Listen now, because I think big brother's cutting it, soon, the jerkface.) My SIL turned me on to the program, and the Supper Tart. It's puff pastry and whatever toppings you like and a drizzle of olive oil. My favorites are chicken, tomatoes, onion and basil, but you can do whatever. Try it. You won't be sorry.

★ Stay tuned: After sewing for other people all spring, I'm going to make myself some dresses. This pattern (Knee length): Only I got black fabric and a green print to practice on and a red and black Chinese cherry blossom silk for the fancy one. Pattern covers are always truly hideous fabrics. Why?

★ And a friend who works at a furniture store in town brought me bunches of fabric swatches, out of which I'm going to make a fresh batch of bags and purses. Want one?  Offer expired!
I haven't blogged in a while, but I've been BUSY. With a capital B. Like you read about, folks.

I got all my academy girls' dresses finished, with varying degrees of success. Most of the little sweethearts liked their costumes, so I think it's a win. I'm still working on a piece of commissioned art for an inspirational speaker - it's drawn but not painted, and I'm still trying to make sense of the chord progressions in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. (I'm in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at ALT, if you didn't hear my shriek of joy from where you were a few weeks ago.) The music might as well be Farsi, for how well I'm doing with it. Harmony is a challenge for me. And when I say 'challenge,' I mean it's so hard it makes me want to sit down in the middle of the floor and cry real, unattractive, unmusical tears.

But enough of my harmony saga. (For today, anyway. I reserve the right to whine about it again at a later date.) Last night I went and fitted the girls in their dresses, and then watched the rehearsal to see if they needed other mending or alterations. I took LOADS of pictures, and then my camera battery died before act II. However:

Pictures and a video! )
In any case, I love these kids, and I love my job, and I LOVE working for the theatre. There's so much joy in each step of the way. I wouldn't trade it for the world!
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( Mar. 8th, 2011 07:27 am)
First of all, despite my training as a serious actress (*snort*) and the fact that I adore costume drama and Hamlet and all things Broadway, I want to go see this movie pretty badly.

Various and sundry informational updates... )

And I think that's all of today's news. Have a good Tuesday, y'all.
I must want to never stop moving.

But as long as I'm having fun, what the hell, right?

Here's what I've been up to, in case anyone has the burning desire to know.

You, know, the usual. Martha Stewart with cuter hair and better makeup. )

That's enough for the present, I think. :)
It's the story of the Purple Spider Sparkle Dress, as I've come to affectionately call it. It's the hardest thing I've ever constructed. And I didn't get to finish all of it because I got sick. That makes me die a little inside, but I'll sally forth. The dress is for Kiss of the Spider Woman, which opens tonight, as it happens!

Sorry I didn't cut this earlier... )
See? Way up in the corner in the amber spot? That's the Purple Spider Sparkle Dress.
Can't wait to see it in action. I'm going tomorrow. Everyone break a leg!
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( Dec. 6th, 2010 09:16 am)
I had PLANS for today.

Unfortunately, my eight year old is huddled on the sofa with a case of what I'm pretty sure is strep throat. My BFA in Theatre Arts somehow gives me the knowledge and experience to diagnose him. That, or battling that stupid bacteria for the last ten years. I've a MOM degree. It's like a sixth sense.  A sixth sense that get's awakened in the wee hours of the morning when your child has stuff coming out of him that should just not BE.

Can I give it back?  Is that an option?  I don't remember checking that particular box.

By the way, whatever happened to Aaron being the iron man in the family? This is the second time the kid's been sick this year. I blame the disgusting breeding ground of germs in which he spends 8 hours a day.

Some people merely call it 'the elementary school.' My name has more flair.

You know how I don't work, right? I'm a stay at home mom, and I teach one afternoon a week. And volunteer at the above breeding ground one day a week. And do odd jobs for the theatre. And cook for my home group every Wednesday. And make sure all my family has clean clothes, vacuumed floors, clean bathrooms and are fed at least two meals 7 days a week. Somehow, even though I don't work, my days are always completely full. For Christmas this year, I have added tasks: getting gifts and door prizes for the company Christmas party, gift certificates for same, wrapping presents, hosting several parties at the house (so far I'm up to 4), sewing several projects for friends and family, making goodie baskets for AAA Electric's customers (which will include two solid days of baking),and currently top on my list of things to do is get new furniture for Nolan's office. It was repainted several months ago, and he's ready to have the pictures back up on the wall and someplace for people to sit when he bawls them out.

I'm glad I don't work for him, anymore. He FIRED me. He fired HIS MOTHER, too. We're both still a little bitter about it.

(In actuality it had something to do with taxes, and we make more money now than we did befopre, but that's beside the point.  HE STILL FIRED US.  And he didn't even do it face to face.  He fired me OVER THE PHONE.  Chuh.)

But that's a post for another day.

What I'm saying in the midst of all the whining and complaining that this post has turned out to be (er, sorry), is that I'm feeling overbooked.  I'm sure it'll pass and by this afternoon I'll be a whirl of wrapping paper and furniture shopping.  But for right now, I'm in a slight panic that not everything is going to get done.  I've had to postpone my Dr. appt. for my bruised ribs (which are SO not better), but kids come first, right?

I'm going to go put on some lipstick and plaster on a smile.  It's always worked before! 

Cover me, I'm going in.
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( Nov. 13th, 2010 03:54 pm)
*Currently, we have a missionary from Haiti staying with us for the weekend. She and her husband run an orphanage for AIDS and HIV+ kiddos down there. (As if the Cholera and the hurricane and the abject poverty weren't enough.) It makes my problems (what little I have) seem absolutely inconsequential. It's good to have some persepctive shoved at you every now and then. So that's what I'm doing this weekend: cooking and hostessing and entertaining and ...sewing?

*A good start on stock for my etsy store. Yes, I'm going to open one. No, I don't have an ETA on that. Etsy (and the way it's set up) is confusing and my photographic skills are a bit lacking. But it's on the horizon. Somewhere. This picture isn't all of the bags I have made; I think there are5 or 6 more hanging in the closet.

* Aaaaand lastly, Goldfish Vanilla Grahams are evil and must be stopped. I bought them for the children and I don't think the boys have had even one out of the (now) half-empty bag.

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( Nov. 4th, 2010 12:04 pm)
My cute new purse!

I must make more of these! )

And I got bangs with my haircut last week. :D
Things I've done this week:

* I've dyed more fabric than I ever wanted to look at a rather fetching color of blue. And purple.

* I've ruined perfectly good brand new clothing. On purpose.

* I've painted purple dye on everything that would stand still.

* I prayed for the Lord of the Underworld's pants to fit while I was sewing them (for the second time) AND THEY DID.

* I've bleached my hands so they would go back to their normal, pasty color instead of purpley-blue.

* I've sewed. And sewed. And sewed. And altered. And sewed some more.

* I've glued. And glued some more. And then you know what? I glued some more.

* I've bitten my tongue when I wanted to scream. (GO ME!)

* I'll probably get the chance to do that again before the week is out.

* I went to a conference at church that was really, really good.

* I played eight holes of golf with my husband and sons. (Why only eight? That is a different story for another post. It didn't devolve into family Monopoly night, but it was close.)

* I've shopped. And bought shoes. And makeup. And dye. And bracelets. And more dye. And dresses. And more dresses. And couldn't return two of the dresses so I exchanged them for my size and inherited two fancy party dresses.

* I'll spend at least two more nights up at the theatre this week: But Thursday? Opening Night. And then Eurydice will go forward on her own.
Well, sort of. Only with air conditioning, because let's face it. I don't sweat indoors. Or out of doors, if I can help it.

I'm slowly but surely getting enough bags sewn to launch my etsy shop, which involves a bit more than I thought at first. But true to fashion, I got bored with bags and made some other things, as well.

Crafty stuffs... )

And there's about a day left if you want to enter June's contest: The winner will receive a Barnes and Noble Gift Certificate!

Alright, that's it.  I'm headed to the post office for all you winners for the month of May, so you can expect those boxes in a few days, girls!
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( May. 6th, 2010 03:35 pm)
It's documented. Look it up.

(It's only documented right here, but whatever.)

Nolan decided to take me to San Fransisco this weekend! We only just decided to go on Monday, and we leave in the morning, so it all sort of snuck (not a word. sue) up on me. I have managed to exercise with a friend, do all the laundry, pack for the kids and I, and get Ethan's choir uniform and tie dyed t-shirt ready for his performance tomorrow (Which I'm going to miss! I'm a bad mom. A mom who will be in California having goooooood wine). I've been to the chiropractor (because my back protested all the mopping I did yesterday -- but the floors are SOOOO mopped), the dollar store to get supplies for my acting class this afternoon, managed to cook my lunch for this insanely healthy VLC diet, AND went to JoAnne's, got fabric, filling and thread, and made AJ a phase 2 moon costume (Um...don't ask. I didn't) for his school play on Tuesday.

I did not get to the post office. Sorry Mom and [ profile] leigh_adams, the stuff I need to send you is sitting on my dresser, mocking me. It'll be next week and late, but still super cool. My most sincere apologies to the both of you.

My literary friend Holle Wood (aka [ profile] norablackbird, not that she ever uses her LJ and YES, that is her real name) dropped off some new books for me to read! Wheeeeeeeee! I love reading on airplanes. It's the BEST. Thanks, Holle!

Now I'm off to teach class have dinner with a group of girlfriends and see the musical 'Grease,' for which I made two quilts , three kelly green cheerleader skirts and sewed a ton of hot pink rickrack to fuzzy white bathrobes for the Beauty School Dropout number. I cannot think of a better way to kick off my vacation weekend!

See you all on Tuesday!

And happy mother's day to my sweet mom, and all you other girls out there with kidlets. Have a great day!
So. I'm a seamstress. I sew. Before you pass judgment and go, "LAME!" let me explain. I only sew really, really cool stuff. Or stuff that can be used in cool ways. Stuff that I like.

Yeah, maybe it is lame. Read on if you aren't convinced I'm destined for "dorkiest" at my 20 year (gag) high school reunion. Oooh. I hope they don't give out that award. That would SUCK.

Again, I digress. I'm here to tell you a story. And let me preface with this: if I had actually leaned the fundamentals of sewing from my mother, I wouldn't be in this mess. My mother has always sewed. She made me a lot of cute clothes when I was little, along with some unfortunate culottes, but, hey. It was the eighties. What could she do?

I didn't learn to sew from mom. And even if she'd tried to teach me, I wouldn't have let myself BE taught from her. It's like cooking. Our personalities don't mesh well in academia. In other ways, we get on great, just not when she's trying to tell me what to do. Because I automatically want to do it MY WAY; and MY WAY, though well intended, never works as well as Her Way. Probably 'cause she's the mom and has 24 years on me.

Dang it, I digressed again.And it's not for me, either. )
Remember, the person on the f-list who submits the funniest story, picture, icon, fanfic, etc. by midnight, March 31, to this post will receive a $15 gift certificate to, OR if they prefer, one of these:

It's my newest bag pattern! An original that mah brilliant mother helped me to create. So cute, don'tcha think? I'm carrying this one as my purse right now.

So, friends list: Make me laugh! Hey, that's pretty simple. I'm totally an easy room.
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( Mar. 7th, 2010 02:43 pm)
Hello, lovely friends!

Life has positively eaten me over the last week. With Nolan gone, every spare minute was spent either sewing, acting or sleeping. The show is going really, really well; I've received more compliments for my performance on this one that I have in a long time. Just about every line gets a laugh. It's very gratifying. But that's not what I'm here to talk about. *see title*

Bet you didn't know those were possible. )

And my sweet husband is home safe and sound, praise the Lord. I could not be happier. I'll post pictures and tell stories from his trip later, but right now we're busy talking and cuddling and having some good quality time together.
I have a new laptop. He needs a name, like... now. It's like having a baby and not naming it. Suggestions? He's strong and masculine, but put together.

The show I'm in is so solid, and we've got 3 more weeks of rehearsal. I've never worked with a more professional group of people.  Truly a pleasure.  Not a diva in the bunch.  And that's saying something when you're talking about a bunch of actresses.

I'm exhausted, and my fingers are sore from all the pinpricks from sewing umpteen million bags for Nolan's Haiti trip.

I've outlined my [ profile] dgficexchange  story. I feel the freedom to try something a bit different this time around.  I think It will either be loved or completely hated by all.

It's completely amazing how passive aggressive some people are.  I'm telling you:  MIND BLOWING.  And not in a 1970's, laid back, groovy way, either.  >:(
It's been awhile, folks. How's January treating you?  I've had a wicked cold.

Aw, you're so sweet. I'm much better now, thank you so much for asking.

I've been to church, played a mean game of rock band with the family, went to church, painted several watercolors and cooked dinner at home all nights but one in an effort to save some cash.

But this is what I've done today:

I'm making 25 bags for Nolan and his team to take to Haiti at the end of the month. What you see above is fabric cut for at least twice that many. Nolan's going to build a second floor on the orphanage, but the women going are going to do a women's ministry with some of the women in a neighboring village. As I'm not one of those people for whom foreign missions appeals, I decided to make a tote bag for all the women the team will minister to.

These bags are also the prize to this month's contest! And there's a picture of them under the cut.  If you win, this is what I'll send you. )
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( Nov. 11th, 2009 11:07 pm)
Happy Veterans Day!

I spent the morning in the NYC garment district with Mom buying fabric and trims... SO cute! Makes me want to sew, for sure.

Also, had dinner at Nick and Stef's steakhouse... dear heavens above.  It was decadent.  A (one) glass of wine, a prime rib, mashed potatoes, bread and creme brulee.

Then we saw Men Who Stare at Goats.


No.  Just... no.  Don't.  Save yourself.  It's too late for me, but you... you still have hope.



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