But if I told you, then it wouldn't be a secret. So here's a star bullet point update, instead.

★ I keep having the same actor's nightmare over and over and over. Five times in the last three weeks, I've dreamt the same non-existent scene in the play. It has the same words, and the same actors (that I know, and that are not in my current production), and despite having dreamt this that many times, I'm still always wholly unprepared for it. This morning in the dream, the director told me to watch the movie that the scene was in to be better prepared. I wanted to cry. Stupid subconscious.

★ We're having a billion people for Thanksgiving. Or 32. Either way, I'm having to self-soothe... It'll be okay, it'll be okay, it'll be okay... on a loop. It's not the food, it's just having that many people in the house and making sure they're comfortable, etc. I was talking to a friend and fellow actress on the phone yesterday, bemoaning the state of rehearsals the telling her that I'm a control freak and that I kind of want to hide in the closet with a bottle of Crown, and she gave me some pretty sage advice:

Friend: You need to imagine one of those old time-y radios, you know? The ones with the knobs? And you need to envision one of those knobs being your 'give a sh*#' dial. And you close your eyes, take a deep breath and mentally turn that 'give a sh*#' knob way down. Or off.

Me: That's brilliant. Though, to be perfectly honest, I'm going to have to find that button before I can turn it down.

Friend: I'm not gonna lie. It might be in the closet with the Crown.

Love her. She makes me laugh.

★ Spent the better part of Friday refashioning a kind of crappy $40 JC Penney's dress into something sort of wonderful for The 39 Steps. And it only took 6 hours. :P

★ I spent over an hour this morning looking for a book my middle-schooler needed today, and we STILL didn't find it. Tell me this happens to other people, too, so that I don't sell the child into white slavery?

★ Pumpkins are still gross, and are still the devil. It's a fact. Look it up.

★ Due to the fact that I use my children to run lines, they now know how to swear in German. Mother of the year, folks. Right here. Please don't call CPS.

Supernatural spoiler? )

★ I really, really love Monday mornings, where the only noise in the house is Abbey the Lab snoring up a storm. Hope your Monday morning is as relaxing as mine. Happy Thanksgiving week! Or just Happy Monday, for those kajillion people of you out there not celebrating the American Holiday. :)
What a week, folks. Let me tell ya, it was a whopper.

So remember back to when you were in your early twenties (shut urrrrp, all you people who ARE) and if you got sick, or you took a spill, and you could just bounce back like nothing had happened?

Yeah. Not so much for me, anymore.

Earlier this week, in preparation for the Thanksgiving festivities, I decided to do a deep clean of my house. Honestly, I was just trying to keep the cobwebs from multiplying. In retrospect, standing on an antique dining room chair to dust the chandelier was The Wrong Thing To Do. For let me tell you, dear reader, when you lose your balance on a rickety wooden chair that can't hold your weight, and you lie on the brick floor for a few moments thinking you're DYING, you gain perspective. Like:

a) using an actual OSHA approved step stool might be a smart thing to do.

b) And that cobwebs are fine where they are.

c) And how many people really look at the light fixtures, anyway?

d) Wow, this floor really IS clean, thanks to Ethan's flooding mishap.

The result is several bruised ribs and a very sore sternum later, I find that even with cobwebby lights, the stuffing still tasted good. Even though getting dressed is an exercise in torture, I have a good feeling about next week. I will keep my feet firmly on the ground, I won't get five bazillion Black Friday emails (I did go out shopping for a few hours today - those people are cuh-ray-zee) and I have leftover mashed potatoes.

Things are definitely looking up.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This next one is SO wrong, but I couldn't resist.

The bird is BIG, all right... )

No, really, that's all. Have a great day!

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( Nov. 19th, 2010 06:03 pm)
I'm not in full panic mode, yet, but I can feel it lurking just around the corner.

After speaking to my mother-in-law on the phone this morning, the realization hit me: Thanksgiving is in 6 days.

Holy crap.

We're having Thanksgiving here again this year. And only 15 people as opposed to 25 last year. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE having people over. I love cooking. I love hospitality. But it's Thanksgiving. Forget the concept of actually giving thanks for two minutes and hang with me, here. IT'S A HOLIDAY ALL ABOUT THE FOOD.

And you know what? I love that. Bring it on. I'm currently defrosting a turkey in the outside fridge. Aside from that and a 15 minute conversation with the MIL this morning, I've done NOTHING to prepare.

So this is me: preparing.
listy stuffs and food-like pontification )

I don't think I'll panic. I think it's going to be just fine.
It's day nine of being thankful, don'tcha know.

I hear you; you're sitting there and thinking, "Hey! I didn't see her first eight days of being thankful!"

Yeah, you'd be right. Because I did those eight days in my head. And unless Big Brother has figured out how to do the mind control/reading thing, you won't get to see those.

That reminds me, I need to dig out my foil hat. All this talk about mind control is making me paranoid.

Anyway, over at the Christian devotional and prayer community that I'm a part of, they're doing a little thang about being thankful in the midst of Thanksgiving season.

Which is totally something I can get behind.

Day Nine Of GreaThings 2010 is "Difficult experiences you’re now thankful for."

I shared our abridged marriage testimony a few years back. If you want to read it, you can go here. It's unlocked for just this occasion. The short version is that I'm thankful that Nolan and I had those first few rocky years, so that I can fully appreciate what God's given me, now.

And if you want to share what you're thankful for, and maybe win a cute Starbucks cup, you can click here and join in all the thanksgiving.

Have a great weekend, all! I'm thankful for all of you!
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( Nov. 11th, 2010 12:08 pm)
When Veteran's Day rolls around, it always reminds me of three things:

1. My Dad. He's a veteran of the Vietnam War.
2. That I've forgotten my Aunt's birthday yet again (not this year, though!)
3. To be profoundly and sincerely thankful for all of the men and women that have served our country to ensure my life and freedom are safe.

Whatever your opinions are about war, and the military machine in general, you still have to appreciate the sacrifice that soldiers make when they serve our country. I find that I'm especially in awe of the men who were drafted into service. I can't think of anything scarier than going into a war zone at nineteen when it's not what I was cut out for.
Pictures of my dad: 1967-68 Vietnam )

But even as a kid, though in my opinion, he looks a lot older than nineteen in these pictures, he's still got that quintessential thing that would later grow into being my father: A soft spot a mile wide. Especially for kids.

I can't think of anyone else that could ever measure up to my dad. He's one of my favorite people in the whole world, one of the only ones I can talk to for hours about nothing at all, and a hell of a good man. Even though he's computer-impaired and will probably not see this unless my Aunt forces him to sit in front of the screen, I want everyone to know how proud I am that he's a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, that he played his part in keeping our nation safe, and that he survived it all to become my dad.

Love you lots, Daddy. Happy Veteran's day.
I had all sorts of fun entries for Halloween, and I've been reading them when I've had time over the past few days. So, here goes.

October's winners! )


In the United States, November = Thanksgiving. You seriously cannot swing a cat without hitting a pumpkin,a cornucopia or a weird, cartoon scarecrow. However, I acknowledge that American holidays do not necessarily resonate with the rest of the world. That said, I think being thankful is super important in life. Telling people that you appreciate them is affirming. Being thankful, even in the midst of difficulties, is an important thing to me, because I know no matter what troubles I may have, I'm still better off than a lot of people in the world. Being thankful is awesome.


Tell me what you're thankful for. Tell me why.

Easy, right? Then, with a wave of my magic wand (or random.org) three people chosen at random (Because how can I judge who's more thankful, I ask you?) will receive one of these bad boys.

It's a 24 oz. Starbucks Insulated mug. I got some for family members this year and I got one for Christmas from my friend Stephanie last year, and I use it all the time. It's awesome. You'll love it. You need it. So click and enter before I drag myself out of bed and check my email on December 1st.

Holy cow. December 1st. That's a whole year of contests. I've been overwhelmed with the responses each month, and very proud to call you all my friends. Thanks for entering and playing along each month! It's been fun!


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