So today was a fantastic day. I mean, I did a little shopping, got a pedicure, saw my husband unexpectedly just before lunch and got a kiss... just really and truly all-around awesome.

You know when I say these things, when I'm too positive, there is always a very large BUT. (Much like my own. Har dee har har.)

I was zipping along I-40 after a Doctor's appointment, needing to get a quick lunch before I picked Aaron up at theatre camp, when my eyes lit upon a sushi place that I'm fond of, but don't go to very often because the husband and the kiddos aren't fans.

I am, though. I LOVE sushi. Big time.

So, like so many other things that happen in my life, on a whim, I stop at the sushi place and go in to sit at the bar. I brought in the 5th Diana Gabaldon book (which I'm still powering through) and ordered my sushi and settled in for a lovely, if solitary lunch.

I asked the server about the special on the board at the front. All I heard was shrimp, lobster and avocado and then a bunch of other stuff that I didn't understand. I held up my hand, ever the continental sushi-orderer, and said, "You had me at shrimp, lobster and avocado. Bring me one of those and a spicy crunchy salmon roll."

I had a great time, alternately reading my book and watching the sushi chef do his thing. The salmon was wonderful, as ever, and the special (The GOLDEN DRAGON) was really, stupendously good. Possibly one of the best rolls I'd ever had. Beautiful, too. Art on a plate. I got full, though and left two of the rolls, feeling satisfied and happy. Until the server brought me the bill.

The "special" on the board? The one that I didn't let him finish explaining about because I thought the language/accent barrier was too much to power through? It was $38.00. Thirty-eight American dollars, y'all. For LUNCH. And that doesn't count the iced tea and the other $7 salmon roll. All of which I stopped for on a whim.

[Here is where you can imagine my husband shouting, "YOU SPENT HOW MUCH?? ON LUNCH?! CARRIE LEIGH!!]

Sorry, baby. Won't happen again.

Probably. It was really, really good, though. ;)

But after I signed the bill, you'll be pleased to know that I sure did fire down those last two rolls.

I felt as if I had to. I owed it to the sushi gods.

And my pocketbook.
The last post was a bit dramatic. It's an occupational hazard. Apologies all around.

Nolan teases me that I'm annoyingly even tempered, but only because I store up all of my upset for six months at a time, until I explode and have an "I Feel" day, spewing hot, molten crazy on everyone in my immediate vicinity. Those days are rare, but they do happen. They hurt a little, too. I need to work on letting it out little by little. A crazy release valve, if you will.

Anyway. Moving forward. Onwards and upwards. Adapt and overcome.

The show is contained, for the time being. The next two weeks will undoubtedly be grueling, but I can actually see fun from where I am. It's promising. The thing that's motivating? The principles are having such a good time; they're funny, talented and well rehearsed, so the ensemble will just be a lovely icing on an already wonderful and yummy cake.

Forgive the food metaphors. I've got cinnamon bun bread in the oven for our breakfast, and the smell is driving me a little nutty.

I tried on the cute cowgirl costume from the last post, and... I could look worse. Talk about barely contained. I'm going to have to do some strategic work with duct tape and bailing wire so that all my business stays where it belongs. A friend of mine says that it's all about the base coat of paint. SO true.

So anyway. Things are looking up. It's Easter, and I do love this particular holiday. His sacrifice puts my problems in perspective as trivial and petty, comparatively. Plus, I made myself a new Easter dress, and always enjoy the coloring and hunting eggs aspect of the weekend.

So have a happy Easter, and may the Easter bunny bring you all the Cadbury creme eggs your heart desires.
Hey, reader! Watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat.

Fifty billion points if you can name that cartoon. Only two if you look at the icon.

Aaaaand, scene. This is one of those 'something for everyone' posts. Don't like whatever drivel seeps out in the paragraph you're reading? Skip to the next. That one might be better. You can hope, anyway.

Here goes.

★ I, and consequently anyone older than me, am/are no longer allowed to use the following phrase: "I'm gonna get my _________ on," where the blank is arbitrarily a noun, verb or adjective, depending on the speaker. Example: "I'm gonna go get my dance on," to explain to those surrounding the speaker that she might like to dance. January 14th, 1973. Check the date and obey the rules. Thanks.

★ Gay men make better shop attendants than straight men or even women. (Find me a straight man in retail or musical theatre. The ratio is skewed.) When I proclaimed this to my husband, he asked, "Even in the men's section?" To which I replied, "Especially in the men's section! How's a straight man going to help another straight man, fashion-wise? They'd all come out looking like... you. Honey." He conceded the point, I think.

★ Carrie Fisher's Wishful Drinking. Saw the show on Broadway. Laughed hysterically. Read the book in an afternoon. Laughed again. Funny, funny stuff. Admittedly, I'm an easy room, but it'll also make you glad for your own, relatively normal life.

★ Sometimes I get disappointed with people to the point that I never want to leave the house. (Where my house is Mt. Crumpit and I just stand at the door and glare down at the Whos of the world.) And then a few days go by and I take a deep breath, sigh heavily and give the world a metaphorical raspberry because, honestly, people are punks and they always will be. My bounceback time is faster, and for that I'm grateful.

★ I made these last night for home group, among other things. I LOVE THEM. In a completely dangerous-to-my-butt way.

★ Ever listen to The Splendid Table on NPR? (Listen now, because I think big brother's cutting it, soon, the jerkface.) My SIL turned me on to the program, and the Supper Tart. It's puff pastry and whatever toppings you like and a drizzle of olive oil. My favorites are chicken, tomatoes, onion and basil, but you can do whatever. Try it. You won't be sorry.

★ Stay tuned: After sewing for other people all spring, I'm going to make myself some dresses. This pattern (Knee length): Only I got black fabric and a green print to practice on and a red and black Chinese cherry blossom silk for the fancy one. Pattern covers are always truly hideous fabrics. Why?

★ And a friend who works at a furniture store in town brought me bunches of fabric swatches, out of which I'm going to make a fresh batch of bags and purses. Want one?  Offer expired!
Visual aide, here. )
Behold the incredible cross section, y'all.

Yep. That's it.

Carry on.
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( Nov. 19th, 2010 06:03 pm)
I'm not in full panic mode, yet, but I can feel it lurking just around the corner.

After speaking to my mother-in-law on the phone this morning, the realization hit me: Thanksgiving is in 6 days.

Holy crap.

We're having Thanksgiving here again this year. And only 15 people as opposed to 25 last year. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE having people over. I love cooking. I love hospitality. But it's Thanksgiving. Forget the concept of actually giving thanks for two minutes and hang with me, here. IT'S A HOLIDAY ALL ABOUT THE FOOD.

And you know what? I love that. Bring it on. I'm currently defrosting a turkey in the outside fridge. Aside from that and a 15 minute conversation with the MIL this morning, I've done NOTHING to prepare.

So this is me: preparing.
listy stuffs and food-like pontification )

I don't think I'll panic. I think it's going to be just fine.
Holy cow. It's September.

It's nearly fall, which makes me super happy. I'm sitting out on the back porch enjoying the cool morning weather with the dogs and a cup of coffee, admiring the roses, crepe myrtle and butterfly bush (that Frank is very nearly obscured by - win), and the lawn that my 10 year-old mowed yesterday.

Everyone should have a 10 year-old to mow for them. It's the best.

So the poetry contest wasn't a hit. But I did have some clever entries!

The winners were [ profile] leaper182 , [ profile] seegrim amd [ profile] mynuet , who'll need to tell me their color preference for their bags. Thanks for the entries, girls. They made me smile. :)

September's contest
: is going to be a the same as one of the month's past. You tell me which pairing you want to write, and I'll give you a prompt! (Or I'll give you both - I don't mind doing some of the work.) Fun times. No word limit, no parameters, low pressure, low stress, and you have 'til I drag myself out of bed on October 1 to reply in a comment to THIS POST.

Winners for September will receive their choice of a GAP or Old Navy gift certificate. Or if you're overseas and want to enter, something equally wonderful. I love Old Navy. I have a billion dresses (not hyperbole) from that store. They also have cute accessories and shoes. So. Comment to get a prompt, write, comment again with the story, and win a pair of pants from a chain store. Good times, right?

Now I'm off to get the house ready for home group and to spend the day cooking. I'm making Almond-Bacon-Cheese-Crostini, anitpasto kababs, peanut butter cookies, chocolate cake truffles, artichoke dip, and a small platter of fruit and veggies. Don't you wish you were coming over tonight?

You're invited, by the way. I do love a drop in. ;)
We're back from the whirlwind trip to Denver/the mountains.

Home sweet home.

Their kids were sick before we got there, BIL got sick Saturday night, and I was up 'til 5:30 last night with poor Ethan. I've never seen him so sick, and I had nothing for him. The middle of the night in a strange town? It was a stupid, helpless feeling. And there was nothing I could do but hold his little head and pat him. He's marginally better today. He drank some Sprite, had some bread and part of an apple. Poor kid.

But. We're home. And summer has officially started. I'm not even waiting on the summer solstice. It's dragging it's feet, anyway. It's warm, the kiddos are out of school, the pool is beckoning, and I'm determined to make the most of it all.

Got some new recipes from the SIL. (We drank some great wine, too.) Will post about them because they are supper yummy. And summery. But not today. Because I don't plan to move too much more, today.

Ah, and one more thing, The Contest For May ends tonight (or before I get up in the morning - I don't anticipate that being super early, either). All you lovelies that wanted prompts, tonight is the night! Go here to post or request a prompt, if you're that girl (or boy? I have 2 on the f-list) who enjoys the pressure of a impending deadline. :D

Ready to write. And sleep. And cook. And sew. And lay (in the shade) by the pool.

Bring it on, summertime. I'm ready.

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( May. 25th, 2010 01:09 pm)
Because I need to see this in black and white:
  • Make Ethan's birthday dinner tonight.  He could have chosen anything in the world, and he chose hamburgers and hot dogs, God bless him.  I used to ask my mom for Chicken Kiev and Chicken Fried Steaks for my birthday dinners.  Sorry, Mom.
  • I still have to decorate his cake.  With a Marine Corps insignia?  Um...  going to have to Google that.  Oh, good grief.  Looks hard.
  • make 2 dozen deviled eggs for the funeral meal I'm in charge of coordinating tomorrow.
  • also make 2 peach cobblers.
  • also finish dipping 4 dozen cake truffles
  • also prepare two briskets
  • also be at church to set up, receive prepared food and clear up after
  • clean house for home group dinner tomorrow, pick up fajita meat and peppers and onions from Ruby Tequila's
  • mow the yard before home group tomorrow?  I don't see this happening.  People can see the long grass.
  • Thursday...  there was something on Thursday?  Shoot.
  • Write (heartfelt?) thank you notes to each of the boy's teachers (5) and send them to school before Friday
  • Pack for our trip to Denver on Friday
  • Fix Nolan's ipod with all the stuff he wants on it before Friday
  • Find some time in there to workout...
Okay.  That doesn't look so bad.  Cover me.  I'm goin' in. 

**You know how some people say, "OMG!" as an acronym? I'm instituting "LHM!" for "Lord have Mercy!" It's gonna catch on. I can feel it.
I'm over halfway through Phase One of this homeopathic (which is the same word as psychopathic in my head - every time) diet and I'm doing very well. I miss real food. By real food, I mean queso and snickers bars. And I have to say, if I ingest another single piece of lettuce anytime soon I might turn green and ruffly, but it's been worth it. I feel good, have lost a significant amount of poundage, the dress I wore last night was too big, and my husband even noticed a change.

And he never notices anything.

It's great for sneaking in new shoes under the radar.

Not that I do that. *cough*shiftyeyes*

But as great as all this is, I found myself sitting up in bed a few nights ago, long after hubs had gone to sleep, distracting myself with pictures on the internet. I've fallen victim to pornography.

Food Pornography.

Food, glorious food... )

Jesus Christ, Shepherd of Judea, deliver me from my voyeuristic carbohydrate sins.

If I were Catholic, I'd be reciting stuff 'til next Tuesday.

As it is, I'll just go have an apple.
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( Feb. 12th, 2010 08:00 pm)
I made heart-shaped strawberry cake truffles today for a little valentine dance soiree we're attending this evening.

As ever, my boys came in from their parties at school so high I could SMELL the sugar on them, and when I said, "Hey look what mommy made today!" they gave me a pitying look, patted me, and proceeded to go outside and run off the buzz, presumably.

So I have to share with you nice people. If I'd wanted someone to oooh and ahhh over my art and sewing and cooking, I should've had a girl. Too late now, because THAT ship has sailed.

Anyhoo, on to the pictures.

The rest under a cut, because I know how some of you like your clutter-free friend pages... )

Day 8 without Aidan. Going into serious withdrawals.
So we're going to a superbowl party tonight.

I'm all about being social. But I had to Google who was playing.

In my defense, I'll bet most of you can't name four plays by Henrik Ibsen off the top of your head. (Ghosts, Hedda Gabler, A Doll's House and...  okay three.  Three plays by Henrik Ibsen)

Anyway, football makes not even the least bit of difference to me, except that I wanted to make cute little snacks to take with us. :D I also had to Google what a football looked like so I could make these:
Seriously.  Are they cute, or what?

I also made turtles. How-to under the cut! )
A first happened in this, my (and Nolan's) eleventh year of marriage.

He took me shopping on my birthday.

I know.  I was as shocked as you are.

He didn't set limits or parameters, and except for being a little tight-lipped and pale of face about pulling out his credit card to pay for an admittedly pricey set of bejeweled hair combs, he was a peach. And he really did make the day about me; we lunched, spent an hour sniffing perfume, lolled around in many different shoe departments, he waited patiently as I tried on fifteen million pair of boots, and he only diverted into Johnston and Murphy once.  If you knew Nolan's shoe fetish like I do, you would have indulged him, too.  All in all,  I call the day a success.  I didn't find any boots I liked, but I ended up with a few pairs of tights, some new perfume, and THESE bad boys.  (I couldn't find the exact picture.  I think mine are even cuter, though.)  EDIT:  Nope!  HERE THEY ARE!

I'm not gonna lie.  They make me a little giddy.  And I had to leave them at mom's house due to space being at a premium in our luggage. * pitiful sob*

Maaaaybe that's why Nolan and I are so well suited.  We BOTH have a shoe thing.  Huh.  Go figure.

And I got not just one, but two awesome, HOMEMADE birthday cakes by two of the best cooks on Earth.  Mom made  my favorite cake in the world, and my sister Em made a dynamite chocolate raspberry with a ganache frosting that made me want to weep with joy a little because it was so fabulous. It got inhaled so fast I didn't have a chance to take a picture.  And many, heartfelt thanks to all of the people who sent good wishes on the day, or after.  I really appreciated them all.  You people make me smile.
Well... To put it succinctly, I think it sucks.

I don't think there's a need to go into more detail than that.

I went to one of our favorite restaurants for New Years Eve, Johnny Carino's, and ordered something new.

I never, ever, ever order out of my comfort zone. Ever, ever, ever. I have one or two things I eat at every restaurant we go to, and I ALWAYS order that. Boring? Maybe. But I'm not disappointed that way. I also never eat all of what I order, either; in this case, I ate about half the dish, so I took it home had it again for dinner last night. I eat leftovers all the time and I never have issues. I mean, restaurants give you obscene- thereisnowhatIcanfinisheverythinghere- amounts of food. It's wasteful not to take it with you, right? Being a longtime member in good standing with the Clean Plate Club (Where a lot of my food issues stem from, I think), I always feel like I need to take it with me.

I don't really have that compulsion, anymore.

Being awakened out of a dead sleep with a wicked case of food poisoning will do that to you. On the up side, I got to know the floor in my bathroom a little better (a really lovely, earthy stone, very forgiving), got reacquainted with what 3:00 in the morning looks like, (I don't recommend it), I slept 'til nearly noon. So I'm easing into 2010. Slowly. Cautiously.

Long story short, Shrimp Scampi will be added to the list of Things I Will Never, Ever, Ever, Ever Eat Again, along with Soft Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cheetos, Won Ton Soup, and the Subway Cold Cut Combo. One has to be firm about these things. Besides, while I was associating with the bathroom floor, we had a little chat about it. He thinks it's a good idea, too.

And quite frankly, I respect his judgment.
I don't like dolphins, woodland creatures on the whole, celery, wrinkly things in baked goods (if there are brown chunks it needs to be chocolate or nuts), tapioca pudding, or gourds of any kind.

Gourds... like pumpkins, squashes, zucchini, the melon family, etc. Don't bring it around here. We'll not have it. (Well, my family might. But since I'm the head cook, grocery shopper and bottle washer, I speak for all three of the boys and myself.)

I think pumpkin pie is an aberration of nature. To quote my sister, "I think people should make dessert out of something that is, oh, I don't know, NOT a vegetable."

Preach it, Em.

SO when Mom sent me this, she knew I'd think it was freaking hysterical.

Thanksgiving Bathroom Humor )

HEE! &hearts Thanks, Mom. I'm still grinning.
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( Nov. 17th, 2009 02:12 pm)
I like to pretend that I'm still young and hip and cutting edge. But let's face it. It's a sham. I've been putting an a false face to all of you for some time now. I'm living a lie, and it's time for me to come clean.

My name is Carrie, and I can't figure out how to work my damn cell phone.

About two months ago, I got a Blackberry Pearl. (I loatheloatheloathe the thing. With a deep and abiding malevolent passion.) I find myself looking at it and screaming, "AAAAAAHHHHH!" a lot. Nolan got himself an iphone (for business he says), but I got stuck with this damnable POS Blackberry. Today I tried to call Nolan, using the speed dial shortcut thingy, and ended up calling my cousin Beth instead. I mean, it was fantastic to talk to her, but, RAWR! Freaking phone. I feel like my dad, who is paralyzed by all things electronic.

I've watched the tutorial TWICE, and tried to read about what it is that I'm doing wrong. I can't stand when it guesses what word I'm about to type, I figured out how to stop that once, but can't seem to make it stop again. I've browsed the web, looked at my email, but I can't get the facebook app to work.

Don't even get me started on texting. It says I've received three, BUT I CAN'T GET TO THEM. I've yet to successfully SEND one. Bad words. Bad, freaking, punk-ass words.

It doesn't ring loud enough for me to hear, even on its loudest setting, it's so sensitive that I can't put it in my purse without having to lock the stinking keyboard (I will not even go into what a production THAT was) and the worst part? IT CALLS PEOPLE ALL BY ITSELF. I don't know; call me crazy, but I'd like to be the sentient being in the relationship!


1. Mexican Wedding Cookies are the best EVAR.
2. Nano word count is on target.
3. Ethan proclaims me acceptable for running lines for his play, saying that I'm better even than Blakely (10 year-old neighbor girl). He said, "But you probably have more stage experience." *cough* Just a bit, yeah, kid, thanks.
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( Nov. 13th, 2009 05:46 pm)
We've had a lazy day, but chock full of stuff.

I had chocolate crepes with candied bananas and an orange reduction for breakfast... yum!

We went shopping; well, I went shopping at Anthropologie! Finally! I got a really cute top and some Christmas presents for my sister and sister-in-law. Nolan went to the top of the rock observatory, and then we went to the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular.

Think it's too late for me to be a Rockette?  Pfft.  Never mind.  You have to be at least 5'6" tall.  It's a fair bet I'm not going to grow anymore in this lifetime.

We had lunch/dinner at an Irish Pub with the CUTEST little reheaded Irish waitress.  Her accent was adorable.

Tonight, we're going to see Superior Donuts.  And we'll be home tomorrow.  It's been a great trip.

Word Count...  um... the day's not over?  I'll make it up once I get home? :D

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( Nov. 13th, 2009 12:24 am)
American Museum of Natural History - pictures as dinosaurs. :D
Shake Shack
Mac Counter
Wrote three words
Carrie Fisher in Wishful Drinking
Havana Cuban Food
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( Nov. 11th, 2009 11:07 pm)
Happy Veterans Day!

I spent the morning in the NYC garment district with Mom buying fabric and trims... SO cute! Makes me want to sew, for sure.

Also, had dinner at Nick and Stef's steakhouse... dear heavens above.  It was decadent.  A (one) glass of wine, a prime rib, mashed potatoes, bread and creme brulee.

Then we saw Men Who Stare at Goats.


No.  Just... no.  Don't.  Save yourself.  It's too late for me, but you... you still have hope.

My husband goes through food obsessions. Some of the things he's asked for incessantly in the past are: strawberry shortcake, apple crisp, beef stew, chocolate chip cookies, and grilled sandwiches, to name a few. Some girls' husbands bug them about sex. Mine bugs me about food. (And sex. I'm not gonna lie.;))

But this is one time I'm glad he bugged me. )
  • wrote longhand on fan fic today on a plane.  Forgot how therapeutic it is to put pencil to page.
  • took FOUR flights (Amarillo->Dallas->New Orleans->Orlando-> Ft. Myers, then a 20 minute rental car ride to the condo.
  • smacked head in Orlando Airport.  Bled.  Blacked out a little.  Am better now.
  • Nolan mentioned how graceful I am
  • I told him to shut up
  • Staying in very nice condo in Florida.  Is muggy here.  The humidity has humidity.
  • had crab bisque for dinner.  Yum.
  • Ethan and Aaron's bag got lost somewhere from Orlando to Ft Myers.  I know this because we had to RECHECK the bags in Orlando.
  • bag had 2 library books in it, and all their new clothes, puls 2 new beach towels.  Grrrr.
  • Thus, on my first night of vacation, I'm doing laundry.  *Irony*
  • And [ profile] tracyj23 ?  It took 45 minutes.  And 13 hours before I lost my temper.  :)
I have a sort of dull ache on my head and a lovely bruise erupting, so I'm headed to bed.  Here's hope this day isn't a portent of things to come for the next 7 days.

*Waves and crashes*


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