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( Sep. 9th, 2008 11:16 am)
But the September Podcast is up at FIA, wherein [ profile] mynuet does a mean impression of Darth Vader.


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( Jun. 30th, 2008 08:57 am)
*plays taps on a kazoo*

My desktop is ded.

Poor thing.  he's only three years old, and yet he's been in the shop more than any car that I've ever had, like EVER. 

It has a blue screen that says:

A problem has been detected...  (No crap.  Really?  A problem?  You're kidding.)

INMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME  (WTC is that?  It's started fine every other time I've ever tried to use it.)

It then goes on to say in that blithe, charming techn-o speak that I should restart in safe mode, and that I need to check with my hardware or software manufacturers for any updates I might need.  (Yes. I'll get right on that.)

Next paragraph of the blue screen on doom says that I should disable any newly installed hardware.  And that I should disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing. (What the-- Huh?   I never cache.  And I very rarely shadow.)

But the charming thing wont even let me restart in safe mode.  So, the computer guy has been called, and he's going to make a house call.  He said that it SOUNDED like my hard drive has crashed.  (Thank you, Sunshine.)  If indeed the desktop is salvageable, I'm going to have the CD drive replaced as well, since I broke that the first of January.

But what does this mean?  The podcast I've been working on is on that computer, as is every other audio file I've ever recorded.  Bah, humbug.  Everything else in life is just dandy, though  :)  Hope you all have a lovely week.
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( Feb. 13th, 2008 09:31 am)

Short, but oh, so sweet, the February Podcast for FIA is available for your listening pleasure here.

Thank you so much to both 

[profile] lyndsiefenele and [profile] elyaeru for designing a podcast management script that even the technically challenged can use.  I appreciate it so, so much.  More than I can possibly say.  *hugs*


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( Dec. 2nd, 2007 01:25 pm)

Hello, all.

The December Podcast is available here for your listening pleasure.

P.S.  It's in two parts; the more naughty and stories with swearing (gasp!) are on the second part.


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( Nov. 20th, 2007 07:01 am)

Sorry to spam the f-list with this, but I need your help, if you don't mind?

One of the stories I want to read for the December podcast is Far off Fields:  A Christmas Tale by Fearthainn.  I've tried contacting her through the website, but sometimes those messages don't go through.  Does anyone know her well enough to send a personal email on my behalf?  Pretty Please?  

*bats eyelashes*

Edit:  I got permission!  thanks, [personal profile] mynuet!
 I can tell the hormonal surge for the month has abated somewhat.  You know how I know?  Because I was able to resist the siren call of the tire iron begging me to beat down the idiot mother drivers in the boys' school parking lot this morning.  I told that silly tire iron, "No, you'll just have to catch me earlier next month," and gave it a blithe smile and a pat.  In addition, today I was able to smile and say hello to the shirtless, well-muscled, but Probably Gay Neighbor taking his dog for a run, instead of snarling.  (Why do I think he's gay?  He's way too pretty, his workout shoes match his shorts, no girl is ever with him, and his dog is a Pekinese.  It's just a feeling I get.)

Then there's the October podcast.  I'm trying to put music into it, and as most of you know, I am woefully deficient in the technical arena.  And by woefully deficient, I mean CRAP.  So, I'm working on it.  I have recorded three of the four fics, and I have only the 21 page monster left, as well as the editing.  *rolls eyes*  The editing.  *shivers*  My itunes freaked out yesterday and I spent most of the morning trying not to lose the kagillion songs I have on it.  The up side?  I fixed it (wonder of wonders) and now have Lil' Red Riding Hood by Sam the Sham and The Pharohs.  I really do like that song.  It's a classic, and it's perfect for the fic I recorded.  It's actually part of the fic I recorded. (Little Red Riding Hood by StrangerWithMy Face) Anyway.

Playwrighting went well last night.  It appears as if we have a premise.  We'll finish the plot outline and cast of characters next week, hopefully, and then begin some actual dialogue.  Thank God.  [profile] caliga_rpg is all kinds of fun so far...  lots of ideas, lots of scening possibilities.  All I need is time, right?  Riiiiight. The fun starts October first, y'all.  Come and play.  There's [profile] caliga_fanif you want to comment and squee with the rest of us after the posts start.  Put it on your f-list.  You know you want to.

The boys had their first date last Friday night.  [profile] alittleredhoodtook them to the Amarillo High homecoming game. They had a blast. (She was actually babysitting on a night she had something else to do, so I owe her.)

Aaaand I've watched the first two seasons of Veronica Mars.  (I love Logan.  I can't help it.  It's the bad boy project 'fixer' in me.)  The 3rd comes out on DVD in late October, and I'm going to die before I get to see it.  Why was it cancelled?  Why do I watch cancelled TV series and torture myself?  First Dead Like Me & Firefly, now this.  

Okay.  That's all the news that's fit to type.  Have a lovely day, all.
 I was tagged by [profile] dieloreley.  *hugs*

1. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
2. Tag seven people to do the same.
3. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag whoever wants to do it.

My Facts

1.  I listen to National Public Radio every morning and get consistently pissed off by it's blantant, unrepentant liberalism, but continue to tune in anyway as I have sort of a masochistic tendency and this way I don't get really hurt.

2.  I crack my knuckles constantly (I know).

3.  I cannot go to sleep without putting chapstick on my lips.  Right now it's Mentha Lip Shine from Bath & Body Works.

4.  I've acted in over 40 plays and directed 23.

5.  I have a compulsion to buy blank journals.  I bet I have 10 right now that are halfway filled up with one thing or another.

6.  I cannot stand to be yelled at from the opposite end of the house.  By anyone.  If you want to talk to me, come into the room I'm in.

7.  I was attacked (molested, really) by a dolphin on my honeymoon.  I really must post about that one day....

8.  I'm a rebel maverick no-good-nik and I'm not tagging anyone.  So there.  But I'd be interested in yours, should you want to list your quirks.  Even in the comments!

Cute Kid Story...

Today I was Super!Mom and got up early enough to make homemade blueberry muffins for my family's breakfast.  I set the plates down in front of my boys and noticed that Ethan came in the kitchen and got a napkin.  Aaron didn't.  So...

Carrie.  (calls from the kitchen- only five feet away) Aaron?  Do you need a napkin?

Aaron.  (from dining room, mouth full of muffin) No, Ma'am.

Carrie.  (still not looking directly at boy, calls) Don't talk with your mouth full, son.  Why don't you need a napkin?

Aaron.  (with joy) Because Katie is my napkin.

And I turn to look  in the dining room just in time to see Aaron holding out his blueberry muffined hands out for Katie the Black Lab to lick.  Blergh. I suppose I should be grateful it wasn't his face.

    ......and I'm done with the podcast.  Once I listen to it and post it, it'll be up.  Tomorrow, the latest.

So I was recording the podcast earlier today and Ethan asked very politely if he could stay and listen.  

After checking the content, I said, "For a while."

Then he grabbed the camera and started taking pictures.  I really hate to stop Audacity, it's a nightmare to cut and paste (I always screw it up) so I let him.  The result was interesting.  Just how many different faces can I make?
Eventually, he got bored and left.  I can only hope you people don't do that.  ;)

Crap news:  So I didn't get a role in Into the Woods.  I'm okay with it.  The good thing about acting is that there is ALWAYS another audition. The next one is in September for a TBA show at the Adventure Space.  So that's good.  When God closes a door, He opens a window.  (Trite, but true.)  Anyhow, I won't be crazy busy at the beginning of school, so I can devote more time to the boys, both of whom want to play sports (!?).  

Great News:  1.  Nolan is in Atlanta this week, so I've been able to read all I want.  
2.  I finished the August Podcast and it will be up whenever [profile] lyndsiefenele has a free moment, I'm sure.  
3.  Nolan ran into the talent agent that he used to be with on the plane (to Atlanta) and she said that she was     interested in representing me.  (BIG yay.) 
4.  I went by the site for our new house (We're building a new house!) and they were moving dirt to get ready to pour the concrete foundation!  (ENORMOUS yay!)
5.  I spent $300 at Wal-Mart today, but got both boys school supplies, new underwear, socks and tshirts, some jeans & shirts, and groceries for the week.  (This is filed under great news because this means I won't have to go back there anytime soon.  I deplore Wal-Mart.  I get cranky in the parking lot.)
6.  I leave in 5 days for NYC!  I'm going with my mother and sister for a week.  I'm so excited I can't see straight!

So.  Life really is fabulous.  There's just a little hiccup every now and again.  :)

I feel like death on a cracker.

I have a headache and muscle aches and I'm sore and CRANKY and capslocky.

The family left to go to church and I couldn't get up to go, even though I was supposed to sit at the preschool table (nightmare) and man the Mission 2540 table after.  God understands, but will the people I've let down?  Right now, I feel to crappy to care overmuch.

My voice is scratchy and deeper than normal, which is conducive to neither auditioning (tomorrow) or finishing August's podcast, due (bad words) Tuesday.  Well, the site's down until the 3rd, so maybe I have that long?  No one wants to hear this...  if my Draco voice was deep before, now it's positively masculine.  *headdesk*  Ow.

Short cute kid story.  I went last night to see Antigone.  I took the boys (it was a high school theatre camp show, so I knew it wouldn't be very long or have copious amounts of blood) and about halfway through, Aaron leans over to me and says, "Someone's going to DIE."

Indeed.  And here I thought they wouldn't 'get' or appreciate tragedy.  If you think I've scarred my children for life, fear not.  The encore (while the cast was still in their togas and masks, mind) was a dance choreographed "Fosse style" to Bye Bye Blackbird.  Yes, it was just as funny as it sounds.  I'll now be disapponted with any production of Antigone that doesn't include jazz hands.

Did you know there's a Chicken Pox vaccine now?  Is the Chicken Pox even in other countries?  They're pretty horrible (itchy, scarring, and you can even DIE from them) and now (as of 5 years ago) there's apparently a vaccine that's supposed to prevent them.  A pretty crappy vaccine, evidently, as there were several documented cases last winter and my seven year-old had to have a chicken pox vaccine booster shot that he was none too happy about.  The five year-old had FOUR shots (I missed his four year well-child visit.  Curiously, no one brought that up one of the half dozen times we were in the office last winter for various reasons.) so there was no shortage of drama for me yesterday afternoon.

My husband, after nine years, has decided to start calling me by my given name.  It's creeping me out.  He always calls me by endearments:  baby, sweetie, honey, my beautiful bride, etc.  But in the nine years we've been married, he's only called me by my first name when he's been angry with me.  I laughingly pointed that out to him the other day, so he's decided to fix it.  With immersion therapy.  Carrie, Carrie, Carrie, Carrie.  (I came before the book or the movie, thankyouverymuch.)  It's driving me nuts.  I literally flinch every time my name comes out of his mouth.  Weird, huh?

With the help of Cinnamon Badge (Ooh.  I forget her LJ name.  Something to do with 60's music, no doubt) I've finished the July podcast.  There are FIVE fics, and they are all happy ones.  Total bliss to record.  It might be the first time I didn't cry while doing a podcast.  It'll be available July 1st  here.  Or you can check out any of the other audio fics I've recorded there.

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( Jun. 16th, 2007 04:04 pm)
There were a lot of tries.  I set up the camera on a tripod and let the timer go...

Pictures )

I've uploaded a ton of recorded stories to FIA (for the Audio Fic File) today.  I got approval from all the authors I'm reading for next month, so I start to record July's podcast this week!  I'll have LOTS of time, cause the boys are going to camp!  YAY!
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( May. 31st, 2007 08:32 pm)
The Much Anticipated Family Reunion was this past weekend, and it came and went with much fanfare, lots of gin and tonics, a couple of Mai Tais, and some fine rum punch made by Aunt Virginia.  It was Hawaiian themed, thus all the loud floral prints.

We had Ethan's 7th Birthday party today & saw Shrek the Third.  Stinking funny movie.  I want the soundtrack.

The June Podcast is out at FIA!  Go listen!
So.  I had a great weekend.  We took sweet friends of ours down to the cabin this weekend, and very much enjoyed the company, but they left on Saturday afternoon, and we had the rest of the weekend by ourselves.  The boys decided that the pond was warm enough to go swimming in, and stripped down to their altogether, but I won't post those nearly pornographic pictures here.  :)

May's podcast is up at D &  It's a monster at an hour and a half.  I'm kind of disappointed in it, I lost the first one I recorded and had to redo over half of it, so I was pissy and tired the second time through.  June's will be better.  Angsty and sad, but better, no doubt.

I'm a little panicked about the exchange.  Just a little.

I saw Bringing Up Baby this weekend.  I'm a huge Katherine Hepburn/Cary Grant fan (The Philadelphia Story = LOVE) but I'm kind of embarrassed to say that I didn't love this.  I watched it, and I laughed in places, but I don't need to own it.  I DO like it when Cary Grant's hair gets all messed up.  Wow.  And (big surprise) hubby fell asleep, so there's his review.  Not enough car chases and shooting, I guess.

Hey, raise your hand (Emily Kaye) if you thought you'd never see me in a cowboy hat.  (Ahem.  Western hat, right.  Thanks, Nolan.)

Have a great week!
Netflix sent Oscar and Lucinda (1997) this weekend while we were gone.  Ironically, while we were visiting my mother she raved about how good this movie was and recommended it, and I already had it in my queue, as it turned out.  Anyway...  it's a fascinating character study, and the narration was interesting, rather like a documentary for the characters... or the commentary you get when you watch the special features of a DVD.  Not necessary, but helpful.  Ralph Fiennes is all kinds of awesome, and after the first 5 minutes I totally stopped imagining him with no nose and red eyes, he was really very good.  Cate Blanchett was young and pretty...  makes me wonder if she's had work done.  I was unprepared for the spectacularly unhappy ending.  When I recommend a movie, it's usually with a caveat; "It's sad. be forewarned".  Mom gave me none of that, and I can't even properly chastise her because she's on a cruise for the next week (poor girl)!  Even worse, Nolan has begun using the word "nab"  or "nabbed" and a euphemism for sex.  =P  Oh, dear.

The exchange fic is coming along.  I'd say that I have 3/4 of it written, and a quarter of it typed.  I abhor typing.  I do.  I got a lot done this weekend, staying up late and scribbling away.  It's gonna be a monster, probably longer than my last one.  Ah, well.  what're ya gonna do?

The weekend was really wonderful.  Tom & Nolan went to the Byron Nelson Golf Classic and mom and I stayed home and entertained the boys and ourselves.  Friday we went to the zoo, and Saturday we went to the park (there's a ridiculous amount of picspam under the cut).  We cooked, we drank good wine, the boys were introduced (via Papa Tom) to Rocky and Bullwinkle, and I have discovered my absolute love of Crystal Light Drink Mix in the 'Sunrise Ruby Red Grapefruit' flavor.  It's spectacular, and I'm not even a huge grapefruit fan.

Things I need to do:  Record the podcast (I have kind of a scratchy throat and deeper voice than normal right now; I might put that off for a few days) and I really must paint the boy's room this week and do touch-up paint in the rest of the house.  I MUST.  Tonight I have playwrighting class and have to go to Oklahoma! rehearsal so I can see if all of the props are being used properly.  Would it be rude to bring my ipod and listen to something else while I'm there?  (I'm kidding.  No I'm not.)

Have a good week everyone!

It's spring break and the kiddos are home...  there is not a peaceful moment to be had.  It's anarchy.

Rehearsal is wonderful.  Some parts are more wonderful than others, but overall still pretty great.  We have a set, and almost all of the props.  I'm taking the girl playing Girleen to costume her this week, she has to look horrible, so that'll be fun.  And I have to find pants and jackets for the guys.  Less fun.  Men's clothes (modern ones, anyway) are boring.  We have to make the men look manky as well, and It'll be a chore, as we've cast some really good looking ones.  It's hard to make pretty people ugly.  =P

I'm so close to finishing the contest fic.  So.  Stinking.  Close.  Gah!  It won't flow !  AHHHH!

However, [personal profile] mynuetwas brilliant and able to upload the podcast I recorded.  It's at  It's not my absolute best work, but I had an awfully good time recording it.  Go listen!


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