First of all, it was Ethan's eleventh birthday. Cannot believe my kid is eleven.

Second, went to AJ's talent show, where he and several other kiddos did a lip synch and dance to 'Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better,' from Annie Get Your Gun. I'm his mom, but it's pretty cute.
the videos... cut to save your page... )
It's in two parts because I absolutely suck at videotaping.

Three, I cooked all day for home group, but then I got a call mid afternoon from Nolan asking me if everything was okay. Turns out, there was a fire less than a mile from the house. It was a scary, smoky, crazy afternoon.

Fourth, the powers that be decided that they couldn't have home group meet at our house (there were streets blockaded and neighborhoods evacuated) so I decided that was divine providence, and we took Ethan to dinner for his birthday, and then went to Academy and got him a new bike.

Eleven. I have an eleven year-old. The mind reels.

Lastly, [ profile] nolankyle and I did out first marriage blog. We're still working out format and technical stuff, but it's there. Special kudos to [ profile] jandjsalmon for the layout. :D

And that's probably enough to be getting on with, right? Goodnight!
It's Aaron's birthday. The baby is NINE. (It's seriously time to lose the weight, right?)

For long time readers of my journal, or you folks that actually know my kiddos personally, you know that there have been more than a few emergency room visits over the years. So this morning, after the blueberry scones, the birthday presents and the sunrise ride of the new scooter (that actually causes SPARKS - Wow, was THAT ever a dubious idea) I asked him what he thought age nine was going to hold for him. The above title holds his answer, and my response was to put my head on the table and weep a little. My admonitions to "Be careful!" just fall on deaf ears. Boys, man. What are ya gonna do?

Age 7... Age 9 )

There was talk about finally exacting retribution on the tree... my advice was not to provoke it like he did the last time. It obviously didn't work out too well for him.

Testing the toys... )

Today my main job is to make birthday cake! (Chocolate cake with chocolate icing - excellent choice!) And get ready for a sleepover tonight. And if you're so inclined, would you send up a prayer or two for my little sister and her family? She's expecting her third little bundle of joy, today!

Have a great day, all!
Happy birthday to my sweet husband, [ profile] nolankyle !

Pictures of the hubs... )

A story for each kid... )
He's 10, today. Good grief. He's growing up too fast. I think I'm going to try sitting on him.

Photographic evidence... )

I just got home from the Elementary School awards assembly.  Is there an award for sitting through both ceremonies? 

Just kidding. 


Both boys got an Honor Roll award, and Accelerated Reader awards.   And various other an sundry things that may or may not deserve a certificate of recognition.  These ceremonies...  I know they're to recognize achievement, but I'm not so certain that mediocrity deserves celebration.  And some of the parents dressed to the nines, as if they were receiving an award instead of their grade schooler.  I'm proud of my boys, certainly, but I'm proud of their character, the manners, their sense of humor and the way they handle themselves in day to day life.  And there really isn't an award for that.

That said, have a picture or two, anyway.

Awards... )
But if you look close, the date in the corner of this picture says November of '79.  Holy wowza.

(LtoR:  Carrie Leigh, Julie Dawn, Beth Amber... there's a fourth cousin, but Emily Kaye was a baaaaaaby at the time.)

[ profile] tadpole_bac  (the one in the red coat looking all cute), my sweet cousin, has a birthday today!  I hope you have lots of presents and get spoiled silly!  Love you, Bethy!

Why did someone take a picture of us (all three of us) in the bathroom?
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( Mar. 11th, 2010 02:59 pm)
When did THAT happen?

And this is what I got when I asked him what it felt like to be eight. )
A first happened in this, my (and Nolan's) eleventh year of marriage.

He took me shopping on my birthday.

I know.  I was as shocked as you are.

He didn't set limits or parameters, and except for being a little tight-lipped and pale of face about pulling out his credit card to pay for an admittedly pricey set of bejeweled hair combs, he was a peach. And he really did make the day about me; we lunched, spent an hour sniffing perfume, lolled around in many different shoe departments, he waited patiently as I tried on fifteen million pair of boots, and he only diverted into Johnston and Murphy once.  If you knew Nolan's shoe fetish like I do, you would have indulged him, too.  All in all,  I call the day a success.  I didn't find any boots I liked, but I ended up with a few pairs of tights, some new perfume, and THESE bad boys.  (I couldn't find the exact picture.  I think mine are even cuter, though.)  EDIT:  Nope!  HERE THEY ARE!

I'm not gonna lie.  They make me a little giddy.  And I had to leave them at mom's house due to space being at a premium in our luggage. * pitiful sob*

Maaaaybe that's why Nolan and I are so well suited.  We BOTH have a shoe thing.  Huh.  Go figure.

And I got not just one, but two awesome, HOMEMADE birthday cakes by two of the best cooks on Earth.  Mom made  my favorite cake in the world, and my sister Em made a dynamite chocolate raspberry with a ganache frosting that made me want to weep with joy a little because it was so fabulous. It got inhaled so fast I didn't have a chance to take a picture.  And many, heartfelt thanks to all of the people who sent good wishes on the day, or after.  I really appreciated them all.  You people make me smile.
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( Jan. 11th, 2010 08:09 pm)
[ profile] tracyj23 , in her last post, suggested a more positive and thankful tone for posting. She wasn't speaking to me personally I don't think, but it was a good suggestion nonetheless.  When I'm not thinking about it, I tend toward the negative.  The sardonic... the sarcastic.

Not that that doesn't have its place. Because you know, I wouldn't be me without all that.  :D

Anyway, today was a good day. Gooood day. Nothing important happened, but I crossed a lot of different things off the to to list, and crossing things off lists is kind of a kink for me. I lurve it. Luuuurve. One of my friends is going to help me with the interfacing for the mountain o' bags (WOO!) and she dropped off an early birthday present for me with a fancy wine glass, herb shears, a microplaner, a new bag and a table scarf. I feel very pampered and loved!

We leave Wednesday evening to spend time with my side of the family for the extended weekend, and seriously? Couldn't be happier about it. Nolan's taking me to see Laughter on the 23rd Floor at the Water Tower Theatre on Thursday, and I finally get to give everyone their Christmas presents.

*happy sigh*

The only thing that would make things better is if I could get my writing groove back. But it'll happen. Everything happens, eventually, right?
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( Dec. 21st, 2009 08:57 am)
Happy Birthday to sweet Ursula! I hope your day is filled with snow and goodies and every lovely thing you could possibly want!
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( May. 25th, 2009 06:21 pm)
Good grief. He was so LITTLE just not too long ago!

Happy Birthday, Ethan! )
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( May. 15th, 2009 04:43 pm)
Happy Birthday, Celeste!

I hope your day was filled with fun and you get a big ol' piece of cake!

Also happy one year anniversary to
[ profile] si_muove_rpg !  It's still the most fun you can have with your clothes on.  ;)

And Nolan is out of surgery (it took an hour and a half longer than they said it would) and resting at the hospital.  I think he'll be able to come home Sunday.  Thank you for your kind words and prayers!  You guys are the best f-list ever!

So I'm taking some birthday cupcakes out of the oven yesterday afternoon when I get an hysterical phone call from Ethan:

Ethan. Mom! Aaron fell and there's blood and his eye is OUT!

Me. ... WHAT?!

Ethan. (frantic) We need you to com up here. Uhhh. Mrs. Singleton wants to talk to you.

Me. Yes. Good idea.

So I get on the phone and it turns out that sweet Aaron James had RUN INTO A TREE and scraped his face. I get to the school and his teacher said, "Okay, Carrie, we think it's going to need a couple of stitches. I scoff at this, thinking, He ran into a tree! How bad could it really be?

My father-in-law (whose medical background is being a butcher and an electrical contractor - so...none) happened to be there giving AJ his birthday presents and he peeled back the bandage the school nurse had put on, and put it back quickly, saying, "Yeah, you're going to the hospital."

So we went. Aaron is very subdued at this point, and instead of the emergency room, we went to the urgent care center. When we get into the room, I finally see the gash on my baby's head, and do the all over body shiver. Because, YEAH. He got stitches. Seven stitches on his seventh birthday, which is rather poetic, when you think about it. And although he didn't appreciate when they shoved a four inch needle next to his eye, he handled the rest of it very well. He talked to us about learning about the planets in school, and even patted me on the hand and said, "Don't worry Mom, chicks dig scars." He even said he was going to get a little of his own back today and kick that tree on his way out of school, so I think he's going to be fine.

I, however, really don't care for seeing my babies sewn up. Good heavens, mother of mercy.

His father said he needs to come up with a better story than, "I ran into a tree." Like... there were nine... maybe TEN trees, and they all ganged up on me, but I fought em off...

Click for the pics, but not if you're squeamish about stuff...

Poor AJ! )

He's FINE. But the drama king in him is eating this up.
lots of mother-indulgent pictures under the cut )
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( Jan. 14th, 2009 07:57 pm)
What a great birthday!

I got so many lovely emails and posts  and comments and facebook thingys!  Sincere thanks to everyone who took time out of their day to post or call or sing!  BIG love to the f-list.  I got a DVD of Season 3 of Friday Night Lights from sweet Jessica and a DVD of Sweeney Todd and some really cool, cute measuring cups from Celeste, and two charms for my bracelet ( a converse shoe and a purse) and all four seasons of The Office on DVD from Nolan. 

And my sweet husband took me out to dinner.

We decided to have dinner  at Las Brisas, but neither one of us were really hungry, so we thought, 'appetizers and a bottle of wine, and maybe a movie?' So I decided to get a good bottle of wine.  I chose 1999 d'Arenberg Shiraz: The Dead Arm.  It was on the menu, and it was $29, and I thought, "Meh, it's my birthday."

So they brought it out and decanted it, went through the whole ritual of the cork, and the tasting and the pouring, and then the wine steward came out and spoke to us.

I had half a bottle of wine, so I'm not going to do a word for word repetition of the conversation, but suffice to say, the man had a stutter.  A bad stutter.  And he was using words like "the sexiest wine I've ever had"  and "fruit notes" and "wonderful spiciness."  Nolan said that I was going to hell for all the giggling I did.  He's right.  I'm AWFUL.  But it was FUNNY.

After he left, Nolan and I had this exchange:

Me.  A stuttering sommelier!  My birthday is complete!

Nolan.  (frowns)  Sommelier?

Me.  (explains) Wine steward.

Nolan.  Well I didn't think it was a fancy French word for speech impediment, Carrie.

Then we got the bill.  It turns out that wine was $29 A GLASS!  *faints*  Luckily, Nolan said I was worth a $139 bottle of wine.  


Oh, and the Haiku Contest ends tonight at 11:00! 

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( Oct. 8th, 2008 08:51 am)
Wow!  October is a great big birthday month!

The happiest of birthday wishes, belated and early, go out to [ profile] embe11ished , [ profile] meimei42 , [ profile] contessanatasha , and [ profile] jessicakmalfoy !

I hope it's WONDERFUL year ahead for you ladies!

So I'm... )

Happy, happy birthday to [ profile] airmidm! Hope your day was super happy!
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( Sep. 25th, 2008 06:49 pm)
Happy Birthday to the girl I know'll smoosh me even if I don't deserve one.... [info]elle_blessing !

Hope you've had a great day! 

Love, love!

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( Aug. 18th, 2008 06:47 am)
Happy, Happy birthday to my dear, sweet and precious friend, [personal profile] jandjsalmon!

May there be cake, presents, and a day full of your every dream come true!!

LOVE, from Texas! (not Austrailia)
Trust me, it only gets better after 30. :)

A photoessay about my sweet baby sister. )
Happy birthday to [profile] wolfstar07!  Hope it's FAAAAbulous!

[profile] die_loreley?  Are you the sweetest girl ever?  The box you sent got put with the thousand other boxes in my living romm and after I read your last comment, I went on a search!  So CUTE!  Lovely.  Definitely inspiration, for sure.  :)  I love it!  

dL sent me the sweetest little personalized teacup, y'all.  *hugs dL*



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